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6 Notable Ferrari Models

Here we sort out six notable Ferrari models that will make your saliva flow out from your mouth by just look at these cars. These Ferrari models were into production when internet hasn’t become common. Thus, the Ferrari wallpaper is actually a wallpaper or poster that hangs on the wall in the house. Not wallpaper in the internet. Well, for some people who love cars, these car models may imprint in their brand when they look at the poster hanging on the wall when they are young although they may …

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Five best compact car models

What are the five best compact car models available for sales in the market today? Compact cars are always the best as the size of the car isn’t too small for highway and isn’t too big for city use, especially side parking. Besides, compact cars are cheap to purchase and it is usually around $20,000 dollars. Car insurance, car loan, and car maintenanceare also cheap for cars under $20,000 dollars. Now check out these compact car models with highest ratings from many professionals and readers from Malaysiaminilover.com. We rank these cars …

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List of Audi Cars

Here is the most complete, latest, and up-to-date list of Audi cars as well as Audi concept cars. If you are planning to buy any brand new or any used Audi cars, or you are looking for any Audi cars for sale, this list is probably very helpful for you as a guideline if you do not know which Audi model to buy. The list of Audi cars here covers Audi sedan cars, SUVs, as well as Audi sports car from A to Z. Most of Audi cars have high …

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List of Ford Cars

Find the most complete and up-to-date list of Ford cars here if you are planning to buy brand new or any used Ford cars. The list of Ford cars here covers Ford sedan cars, SUVs, as well as the very useful trucks from A to Z. If you are looking for any Ford cars for sale and do not know which model is the best for you, this list will be very helpful for you as a guide and also as a consideration.

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Chery Cars

Chery is currently one of the most famous car brands from China. Cherycars are cute, reliable, and most important it is very cheap to buy.
Local government-own China car maker Chery Automobile (奇瑞汽车) was founded in 1997 in Anhui Province. Base on the sales figures in 2010, Chery is the seventh most industrious Chinese car manufacturer. Nearly 700,000 units of Chery cars were sold in 2010, marking it a new success for an automobile company that established less than 20 years in the market.

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Koenigsegg Cars

Koenigsegg is the brand of choice for car buyers seeking sports cars steeped in luxury, speed, and sophistication. There are many famous Koenigsegg cars like the Koenigsegg CCR, Koenigsegg CCX, Koenigsegg Agera, Koenigsegg CCXR, Koenigsegg CC8S, Koenigsegg CCGT, and many more.
Koenigsegg (Koenigsegg Automotive AB) was founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg. It is a Swedish car manufacturer that only builds high-performance sports cars based in Angelholm, Sweeden.