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Elfin Sports Cars

You are not a real sports cars lover until you know Elfin Sports Cars. This Australian car brand is just so wonderful to bring us many noteworthy sports cars until today.
Elfin Sports Cars was founded in 1957 by Garrie Cooper who is also a championship driver and sports cars designer. The company mainly manufactures sports cars and participates in many motor racing. Elfin have won many championships and major Grand Prix titles throughout the decades.

Pagani »

Pagani Cars

Although Pagani is a new comer to automobile world, Pagani cars have speed up all the way to world’s eighth fastest car with its top speed of 215 mph.
Pagani (Pagani Automobili S.p.A.) was founded in 1992 by Horacio Pagani who was formerly managed Lamborghini’s composite department. Pagani is famous in making high performance sports cars and carbon fibre.

Saleen »

Saleen Cars

Saleen cars just live on the planet for 26 years, nevertheless it has implant into exotic car lovers mind as a high performance sports cars image.
Saleen was founded by Steve Saleen in 1983. The name “Saleen” is famous and well-known for making limited high performance sports cars. Besides, the company manufactures high performance automotive parts to use in some legendary sports cars like the Mustang.

Jeep »


Whether it’s a Wrangler or Liberty, people who fall in love with Jeep are usually those into 4×4 SUV, off-road cars, and army-wants-to-be trucks.
So, why Jeep is so famous and sought-after by four-wheel-drive lover? Apart from being the second oldest four-wheel-drive car manufacturer, Jeep was also the primary 4×4 vehicle for the US Army and military during World War II.

Hummer »


Hummer, Hummer, Hummer! Tough like Hammer. Hummer is one of the car names you can overlook if you want a pickup truck or SUV car that work well for you just like how they work for military.
Hummer was a truck brand founded in 1992 by General Motors (GM). The brand was liquidated in 2010. Although many Hummer dealers have been shut down, there are still many truck lovers look for used Hummers for sale due to its performance and durability.

Morgan »

Morgan Cars

You are definitely a car enthusiast with good taste if you look for Morgan cars for sale. Extremely cool, dramatically stunning, tremendously stylish best describe Morgan cars.
British sports cars manufacturer Morgan (Morgan Motor Company) was founded in 1909 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. It is the car brand of choice for car buyers seeking cars that steeped in luxury, performance, and sophistication.