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List of Ford Cars


Find the most complete and up-to-date list of Ford cars here if you are planning to buy brand new or any used Ford cars. The list of Ford cars here covers Ford sedan cars, SUVs, as well as the very useful trucks from A to Z. If you are looking for any Ford cars for sale and do not know which model is the best for you, this list will be very helpful for you as a guide and also as a consideration.

Ford 2GA (1942)
Ford 300 (1963)
Ford 7W (1937–1938)
Ford 7Y (1938–1939, UK)
Ford Anglia (1940–1967, Europe)
Ford Aspire (1994–1997, rebadged Kia Avella) primarily an American car but exported to Canada, Spain, Greece, Malta
Ford Bantam (1983–present, South Africa)
Ford C100 (1981, Europe)
Ford C-MAX (2007–present)
Ford Capri (1961–1964, 1969–1986, Europe; 1989–1994, Australia)
Ford Carousel (name for Cortina in Brazil)
Ford Classic (1961–1963, UK)
Ford Comète (1951–1954, France)
Ford Consul (1951–1962, 1972–1975; UK)
Ford Contour (1995–2000)
Ford Corcel (Brazil, Venezuela)
Ford Corsair (1964–1970, UK)
Ford Corsair (1989–1992, Australia, rebadged Nissan Pintara)
Ford Cortina (1962–1982, Europe)(Australia (1981 Brazil and North America)
Ford Cougar (1999–2002, Europe, rebadged Mercury Cougar)
Ford Country Sedan (1952–1974)
Ford Country Squire (1950–1991)
Ford Coupe
Ford Crestline (1952–1954 as independent model; 1950–1951 as Custom submodel)
Ford Crestliner (1950–1951)
Ford Crown Victoria (1955–1957, 1992–2009)
Ford Crusader North America rebadged Cortina
Ford Custom (Used periodically between 1929 and 1996)
Ford Custom Deluxe (1950–1951) (Included “Crestliner” as submodel)
Ford Custom 500 (1964–1981; known as Custom 300 from 1957 to 1959).
Ford Customline (1952–1956)
Ford CX (1935–1937)
Ford Delivery Car
Ford Del Rey (Brazil, Venezuela)
Ford Del Rio (1957–1958)
Ford Deluxe (1950–1951)
Ford Durango (1980–1981)
Ford Ecosport – Brazilian SUV based on the European Ford Fusion
Ford Eifel (1935–1939, Germany)
Ford Eight
Ford Elite (1974–1976)
Ford Escort (1955–1961, UK-built Ford Anglia-based estate)
Ford Escort (1968-2000, Europe and Latin America)
Ford Escort (1981–2002, North America)
Ford EXP (1982–1988)
Ford Fairlane (1955–1970, North America; 1967–2007, Australia)
Ford Fairmont (1978–1983, North America; 1965–2008, Australia)
Ford Falcon (1960–1970, North America; 1960–present, Australia; 1962–1991 Argentina)
Ford Festiva (1988–1992, rebadged Mazda 121)
Ford Fiesta (1976–present, Europe; 1978–1980 and 2011–present, North America, 2002–present South America)
Ford Figo (2010–present; India)
Ford Five Hundred (2005–2007)
Ford Flexible Fuel Vehicle
Ford Focus (North America) (2000–present)
Ford Focus (International) (1998–present, Europe)
Ford Focus C-MAX (2003–2007)
Ford Fusion (North America) (2006–present)
Ford Fusion (Europe) (2002–present)
Ford Futura (Australia)
Ford G6 & G6E (2008, Australia)
Ford Galaxie (1959–1974)
Ford Galaxy (1995–present)
Ford Granada (North America) (1975–1982)
Ford Granada (Europe) (1972–1994)
Ford Grand Marquis (1999–present, Canada)
Ford GT (2003–2006)
Ford GT40 (1964–1969)
Ford GTX1 (2005–2006)
Ford Ikon (2000–present,South Africa, India, China and Mexico)
Ford Ka (1996–present, Europe and South America)
Ford Köln (1932–1935, Germany)
Ford Landau (1973–1976, Australia)
Ford Landau (1976–1983, Brazil)
Ford Laser (1980–2003, Australia & New Zealand)
Ford Linha
Ford LTD (Australia) (1973–2007)
Ford LTD (North America) (1965–1986)
Ford LTD II (1977–1979)
Ford LTD Crown Victoria (1983–1991)
Ford Mainline (1952–1956)
Ford Mainline Coupe Utility (Australia) (1952–1959)
Ford Marauder (2003–2004, Canada)
Ford Maverick (1970–1977, North America; 1988–1998, Australia; 1993–2004, Europe)
Ford Meteor (1981–1985, Australia; 1986–1995, South Africa)
Ford Model 4-46
Ford Model 8-46
Ford Model 01
Ford Model 2
Ford Model 40
Ford Model 48 (1935–1936)
Ford Model 50
Ford Model 67
Ford Model 68
Ford Model 73
Ford Model 74
Ford Model 77
Ford Model 78
Ford Model 81
Ford Model 82
Ford Model 91 (1939)
Ford Model 92
Ford Model A (1903–1905, 1927–1931)
Ford Model AC (1903–1904)
Ford Model B (1904–1905, 1932–1934)
Ford Model B (1932)
Ford Model C (1904–1905)
Ford Model C Ten (1935–1937)
Ford Model F (1905–1906)
Ford Model K (1906–1908)
Ford Model N (1906–1908)
Ford Model R (1907)
Ford Model S (1907–1909)
Ford Model T (1908–1927)
Ford Model V-18
Ford Model Y (1932–1937)
Ford Mondeo (1993–present)
Ford Mondeo Metrostar 2000–2006, Taiwan)
Ford Mustang (1964–present)
Ford Orion (1983–1993, Europe)
Ford P68 (1968)
Ford P69 (1969)
Ford Pampa (1982–1997, Brazil)
Ford Parklane (1956)
Ford Pilot (1947–1951, UK)
Ford Pinto (1971–1980)
Ford Popular (1953–1959, Europe)
Ford Prefect (1938–1961)
Ford Probe (1989–1997)
Ford Pronto (Taiwan)
Ford Pulsar
Ford Puma (1997–2001, Europe)
Ford Ranchero (1957–1979)
Ford Ranch Wagon (1952–1977)
Ford Rheinland (1933–1936, Europe)
Ford Roadster
Ford RS200 (1984–1986, Europe)
Ford Sedan Delivery
Ford Scorpio (1985–1999, Europe)
Ford Sierra (1983–1992, Europe)
Ford Skyliner (1957–1959)
Ford S-MAX (2006–present)
Ford Special
Ford SportKa (2003–present)
Ford Squire (1955–1959, United Kingdom)
Ford Standard
Ford StreetKa (2003–2006)
Ford Sunliner
Ford Starliner (1960–1961)
Ford Super Deluxe (1941–1948)
Ford Squire (1955–1959)
Ford Taunus (1939–1982, Germany; 1974–1983 Argentina)
Ford Taurus (1986–present)
Ford Telstar (1983–1999; Africa, Asia and Australia)
Ford Tempo (1984–1994) North America
Ford Ten
Ford Ten-Ten
Ford Thunderbird (1955–1997, 2002–2005)
Ford Torino (1968–1976)
Ford Tourneo
Ford Vedette (1948–1954, France)
Ford Verona (1989–1996, Brazil) (1995 2000 UK)
Ford Versailles (1992–1994, Brazil)
Ford Victoria
Ford XL (1968½ year)
Ford Zephyr Six, later Ford Zephyr (1950–1971, UK)
Ford Zephyr-Zodiac, later Ford Zodiac (1950–1971, UK 1966 1971 USA)
ZX2 (1998–2003)

List of Ford SUVs

Ford Bronco (1966–1996)
Ford Bronco II (1984–1990)
Ford Edge (2007–present)
Ford Escape (2001–present)
Ford Everest (2003–present)
Ford Excursion (2000–2005)
Ford Expedition (1997–present)
Ford Explorer (1991–present)
Ford Fiera (unknown)[1][2]
Ford Flex (2009–present)
Ford Freestyle (2005–2007)
Ford Fusion (Europe) (2002–present)
Ford Taurus X (2008–2009)
Ford Territory (2004–present)

List of Ford Trucks

Ford A-Series (Light truck, Europe)
Ford C-Series (Medium-Duty C.O.E. Truck; 1957–1990)
Ford CL-Series (1978–1991; Heavy-Duty Cabover truck, replacement for W-Series trucks)
Ford Cargo (Europe, Brazil)
Ford Courier (1952–1960 & 1972–1982, North America; 1991–2002, Europe; 1979–present, Australia; 1998–present, Brazil)
Ford D-Series (Medium-Heavy truck, replaced by the Cargo, Europe)
Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2001–present)
Ford F-Series (1948–present)
Ford Freighter
Ford H-Series (1961–1965, Heavy-Duty C.O.E. truck commonly referred to as the “Two-Story Falcon”)
Ford jeep (1941–1945)
Ford L-Series (1970–1998; a.k.a. Louisville)
Ford LCF (for Low Cab Forward) (2006–present)
Ford Lobo
Ford Mainline (1952–1958, Australia)
Ford Model AA (1927–1931)
Ford Model TT (1925–1927)
Ford N-Series (Heavy-Duty Low Cab Forward Trucks; 1962–1969)
Ford Panel truck
Ford R-Series – UK-market bus chassis
Ford Ranchero (1957–1979)
Ford Ranchero Rio Grande (1969)
Ford Ranger (international) (2006–present)
Ford Ranger (1983–present, North America)
Ford Ranger EV (1998–2004, all-electric version of the North American Ford Ranger)
Ford Super Duty (1999–present)
Ford T-series
Ford Transcontinental (1975–1983, Europe)
Ford Transit (1965–present, Europe and China)
Ford Vannette (1953(?)-1965)
Ford W-Series (1966–1977; Heavy-Duty C.O.E. truck, replacement for H-Series)

List last updated on April 11, 2011. Please email us if you found any car names or Ford model that is not in the list above.


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