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List of cars under $10000 dollars for 2012

Considering the average new car price has shot up to over $30,000 for 2012, many consumers had shifted their aim to buy used car instead of a new one. It is weary for many people to serve a car loan for couple years. It is also tired to tolerate the depreciation of a new car in the first two years of ownership. Therefore, here we did a research and come out the list of cars under $10,000 dollars or cars with the price close to $10,000 for 2012 base on …

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What year did they first put computers in cars?

What year did they first put computers in cars? What year automakers start putting computer controllers in cars? What kind of cars first have engine control unit (ECU) in automobile world? When the first gasoline-powered car introduced by Karl Benz in 1886, everything is dynamically controlled by mechanical and no computers were involved in any cars.

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Spending lots of money on a car – worth or not?

There is a quote in Chinese “一种米养百种人 (Yī zhǒng mǐ yǎng bǎi zhǒng rén)”, which literally means the same kind of rice can feed all sorts of people. Indirectly, this means there will be different kind of buying attitude in one car buying deal. Some people prefer to loan higher than what they can actually afford just to get a luxury car to drive. On the other hand, some people who actually afford to drive exotic cars but they prefer to get a small and basic car to drive. The …

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Top 10 cars appreciate over the time – part 2

This is part two of top 10 cars appreciate over the time, please click here to view part 1.

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Top 10 cars appreciate over the time

A car depreciates every second the moment it is driven out of a show room. However, there are some great cars that appreciate after some time. These often are cars with limited production or cars that are no longer could not find in the market. The logic is pretty simple, when the demand grows higher and higher and the supply is very long or no longer there, the price will boost high. Let’s check out these top 10 cars that appreciate over the time.
1. Enzo Ferrari

As we mentioned above, limited …

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Cool accessories for Mazda cars

Here are the top 10 cool accessories for Mazda cars that are cheap to buy, easy to fix, and the car definitely looks good with all these cool car accessories. The top 10 list here are solely created by one of our editor and voted by over hundred members of Malaysiaminilover.com. It is exclusively dedicated for all Mazda cars owners. Enjoy and do share with us if you have any DIY accessories for Mazda!