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6 Volt Car Battery

6 volt car battery are still commonly use on some antique cars, classic cars, old cars, golf cart, and electric cars although many new cars are now using 12 volt maintenance free car battery. Well, you can convert 12 volt car battery output to 6 volt but it requires a lot of job and a 6-volt battery now cost less than $100 dollars, what is the point to convert it?

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Antique car battery

If you want to keep an antique car 100% original, antique car battery is what you need to place in your car although you can replaced it with new car battery. Here is the review of the 100% original car battery for any antique cars, the battery performance, the price, as well as where you can find these batteries for sales and buy it for your car.
Generally, there are two types of antique or classic car battery, one is American made antique cars and another is United Kingdom made antique …

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Austin Cars

Austin cars are one of the most famous and most storied car marque for more than a century in automobile industry. Nobody don’t know Austin if they are real car enthusiasts. One of the most notable Austin cars living on planet today is the London taxi which you can see it almost everywhere in London.
Austin (Austin Motor Company) was founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin who was a former manager of the Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Company. Austin was founded at Longbridge, it is also a place where the …

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Antique car appraisal

If you are buying any antique cars, vintage cars, or classic cars you will need antique car appraisal or classic car appraisal services to evaluate the car value. There are many classic car appraisal services available online for free while some are with very little charges. It is worth to spend a little bit money and a little bit more time on the appraisal service to find out the exact value of an antique car.
If you skip the car appraisal before buying a car, you may end up lost a …

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Hudson classic cars

You can only see Hudson cars from 1909 to 1957 model year. Here is the list of all Hudson classic cars from the first Hudson model Twenty to the last 1957 Hudson Hornet. Although the production is not much compared to some other cars like Ford, you are still able to find some Hudson cars for sale through cars for sale market.

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MG sports cars page 2

In mid 30’s until today, there are still many great MG sports cars were built. Among these nice sports cars are the MG TF, Midget, MGA, MGB, MGB GT V8, and among others. This is page 2, for page 1, please click MG sports cars page 1.