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Ford antique car

If you are buying any antique cars, vintage cars, or classic cars you will need antique car appraisal or classic car appraisal services to evaluate the car value. There are many classic car appraisal services available online for free while some are with very little charges. It is worth to spend a little bit money and a little bit more time on the appraisal service to find out the exact value of an antique car.

If you skip the car appraisal before buying a car, you may end up lost a lot of things. This is because it brings a lot of benefits. Why and when you need to run through a car appraisal?

  1. The most common reason is for car insurance purpose. You will be able to get cheap antique car insurance if you have a report from a certified car appraisal company saying the car is in perfect condition.
  2. It helps to prevent car insurance companies undervalue the actual car value.
  3. Go through an appraisal before buying a car will avoid you from buying bad car or lemon car.
  4. As a seller, you will roughly know the right price to sell the car.
  5. A good reason to have an appraisal is probably for financing. Some banks will provide antique car loan or classic car loan if the vehicle is worth for a certain price.

These are the standard definitions of antique, vintage, and classic cars. However, the exact meaning is subject to differences in opinion. In the United States, an antique car is generally defined as a car over 45 years old.

  • Antique Car Era: Cars and trucks built before 1920
  • Vintage Car Era: Cars and trucks built between 1920 and 1930
  • Classic Car Era: Cars and trucks built between 1960 and 1972

There are several places to know a vehicle information and vehicle market value. Some of the famous sites are: NADA Guides and Kelly Blue Book. Usually a standard car appraisal without inspection costs less than $80 dollars and with inspection costs from $80 to $200 depends on the car. Other than NADA and KBB, if you are looking for car appraisal service in Phoenix or Michigan, Auto Appraisal Group is also a good place to get the car appraised. It is a nationwide and certified professional company that provide antique car appraisal.

Appraisal is just one thing. Learn to appraise the car yourself before buying it will be good. For example, the picture above here show several points where the value of the car may or may not be equal to others because of the condition. Several parts are with rust and it is not original.


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