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Humorous Car Magnets

Laughter is always the best medicine. Laugh can be given with some really humorous words of pictures on car magnets. Here we listed some of the funniest and most humorous car magnets that available for sales in the market from as low as $1.99. These car magnets are available for sale in car accessories shop, shopping mall, or online stores. Most of them are with very funny word and meaning, check it out!

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“I Love My Granddogs” Car Magnet

“I Love My Granddogs” car magnet is one of the most sought-after car magnets today. There are reasons behind why I say so. “I Love My Granddogs” car magnet is not like some other common car magnet like “Dog Lover” or “Cat Lover”. It shows your love to your granddogs. What most important is, it is really cool to stick it at anywhere magnetic.

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Life’s good oval car magnet

Life’s good oval car magnet can be found easily nowadays. Part of the products is use to raise fund for kids foundation which almost similar to “paw car magnets rescue” in previous post. The original “Life is good” drawing was design by Jake in July 1994 and the idea was founded by the Jacobs brothers, Bert and John Jacobs. These 2 brothers designed their first tee back in 1989 and try to hawk their tees in Boston streets for almost 5 years and get nothing until they move on to …

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Paw car magnets rescue

Paw car magnets rescue is something fun, looks cute, and meaningful for all the cars, cats and dogs lover. The paw car design is created by Big Paw Designs, Carole Perry. It is something quite new and founded back in year 2002. The design is as simple as a “big paw” but it can be very creative to become any different style of paw car magnet or stickers to stick on the car. Some pimped out cars has chosen to use the big paw design as their theme.