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Life’s good oval car magnet


Life’s good oval car magnet can be found easily nowadays. Part of the products is use to raise fund for kids foundation which almost similar to “paw car magnets rescue” in previous post. The original “Life is good” drawing was design by Jake in July 1994 and the idea was founded by the Jacobs brothers, Bert and John Jacobs. These 2 brothers designed their first tee back in 1989 and try to hawk their tees in Boston streets for almost 5 years and get nothing until they move on to “Life is good” design by Jake. This interesting story started and a star was born when the first batch of 48 Jake’s tees was sold within hours in 1994.

Life is good car magnet

Today, it is quite common to see the oval car magnet stick on any cars with the trademark word “Life is good” to express the simple yet meaningful design by Jake back in 1994. The original design has come with a smiley face that looks like wearing a black hat and a big laughing mouth.

3 reasons why people love Life is good

Simple Message: Can anything else as simple as the expression of the sentence “Life is good”? The simple message of cheerfulness, hopefulness, and optimism was embraced like nothing we could ever see. This has made the brand spread across America in a very fast speed.

Humility: The brand successfully emphasizes the cleanness, humor, as well as humility. People who support this brand by simply place the life’s is good oval car magnet to their car, express the humor and humbleness while they drive.

– Wide product range: Life is good has a wide product range such as women clothing, men’s clothing, kids wear, headwear, bags, home accessories, fun gears, pets…etc other than just the oval car magnet. All these products emphasize on the simplicity design.

Life is good oval

The correct original trademark word is “Life is good” while it is not “Life s good” or “Life’’s good”. Due to the straightforwardness, some people will just write it out as “Life’s good”, easier to spell as well as easier to read out.

Life is good oval magnet


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