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Laughter is always the best medicine. Laugh can be given with some really humorous words of pictures on car magnets. Here we listed some of the funniest and most humorous car magnets that available for sales in the market from as low as $1.99. These car magnets are available for sale in car accessories shop, shopping mall, or online stores. Most of them are with very funny word and meaning, check it out!

Here is the delicious list of all funny car magnets for people with a great sense of humor. Be prepared to laugh, and laugh it out loud.

Life is short, laugh hard Life is Short Laugh HARD car magnet
As what the simple yet colorful word said, Life is shorts, so please laugh hard. Most of the people will laugh when they are asked to laugh!
big girls panties magnet Put on Your Big Girl Panties and Deal with It car magnet
Many girls don’t like to put their panties on! This car magnet is to remind them to put it on and do it! It looks funny with a lady in the picture and panties on her legs.
driver needed Driver Needed – Mafia Staff Car
Driver is needed, but not for Transporter car, for the Mafia Boss!
super fast oval car magnets Super Fast car magnet
Simple and funny to show other cars that your car is super fast with the line behind like fast and furious cars.
Ferrari Zebra car magnet Ferrari car magnet, Oh No! is Zebrari car magnet
The famous pranching horse from Ferrari has been replaced with pranching Zebra. Look carefully, it is Zebrari not ferrari.
Life is short, drive slow Life is too Short to drive slow car magnet
Now this is one of the most humorous car magnets listed here. Life is too short to drive slow!
Change has come to America Barack Obama “Change has Come to America” car magnet
It is the car magnet for US 44th president, Barack Obama.
Car Magnets Some Asshole Stole My Support Magnet
Car magnet often one of the easiest thing to be stolen. This ribbon magnets with humorous and high awareness to everyone who see it.
support alcohol research car magnets Support Alcohol Research car magnet
This is a good one for people who love to drink beer. “Buy me a Beer!”..
Humorous Car Magnets Out of Patience car magnet
This magnet looks like a fuel indicator in your car dashboard, with E for empty and F for full. Now the patiencemeter shows “E”, definitely out of patience.

There are many more humorous car magnets other than the top 10 listed above. Besides, you can also customize your own car magnets at some online stores with your own words.


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