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“I Love My Granddogs” Car Magnet


“I Love My Granddogs” car magnet is one of the most sought-after car magnets today. There are reasons behind why I say so. “I Love My Granddogs” car magnet is not like some other common car magnet like “Dog Lover” or “Cat Lover”. It shows your love to your granddogs. What most important is, it is really cool to stick it at anywhere magnetic.

Many types of “I Love My Granddogs” car magnets are available in the market. Paw car magnets seems to be one of the most popular. It is available in different colors including white, brown, blue, pink, and among others. Anyone can collect all of them as collections. Another popular type is the one with a bone-shape. Car accessories shop or pet shop usually has it for sale on their racks. You can get it from $3.99 to $5.99 depending on the magnet size.

Car magnets often good to stick on any cars, trucks, RVs, mailboxes, lockers, fridge, file cabinet, or anything that is magnetic to show the love to dogs. There are too many types available in the market and here we will show some of it in the picture below. Check properly if the word “I Love My Granddog” is printed and laminated properly on the magnet. If you are planning to stick on cars, it has to be durable for sunlight or rain. See also: paw car magnets rescue, Life’s good oval car magnet.

I Love My Granddogs car magnet


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