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Paw car magnets rescue


Paw car magnets rescue is something fun, looks cute, and meaningful for all the cars, cats and dogs lover. The paw car design is created by Big Paw Designs, Carole Perry. It is something quite new and founded back in year 2002. The design is as simple as a “big paw” but it can be very creative to become any different style of paw car magnet or stickers to stick on the car. Some pimped out cars has chosen to use the big paw design as their theme.

What is so special about the Paw?

paw magnet

You are supporting and helping the “local pet rescue” program by purchasing a paw car magnet and paste it to your car. This program is well-known all over United States. A portion from the profit is donated to rescue organization to keep cats and dogs safe. The accessories including the car magnet, car sticker (almost similar to Volcom car stickers), key chains, pewter magnet, and many more… Will they produce some nice wallpaper to make charity fund in the future? May be like the Ferrari wallpaper or something? The simple yet creative paw car magnet is actually supporting the donations of 60 pets’ rescues. This includes the pets’ rescues after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans on August 29, 2005.

Mini with paw magnet

(A Mini Cooper S with Paw car design sticker)

This is something very meaningful and has been broadly spread out all over America, some of the countries in Asia has also supporting the same program. It will not take you a lot of time or effort to support it, a simple paw car magnet just cost around $3.00 to $9.00 depends on the design. Do not think this is car revenge pranks or whatsoever if someone else is paste this sticker to your car, even it is, it will be a good car prank to support the pets rescue! It is something very meaningful by spending a couple of second to place it on your beloved car. There have been a lot of super exotic sports cars purposely place this magnet and go for a convoy in some country. To join Big Paw Designs champaign, just ring 1-888-506-1409.

Tiger Paw


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