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Funniest Car Commercials: Jockey Parking Crashes a Mercedes-Benz SL500 AMG Sport

A man drove his Mercedes-Benz SL500 AMG Sports Car to a 5-star hotel he always go. The jockey parking took over his car and admire the interior of the car. Out of suddenly, he pushes the gear level and cause a serious accident happened. The owner of the car watched the accident and stunned. However, he didn’t get angry but… Watch the video for the surprising ending!

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The most viewed car commercial on YouTube in 2011

It isn’t a viral video that creates millions of viewer over night. It is “The Force” Volkswagen commercial to promote the all-new 2012 Volkswagen Passat. The video featured a kid wearing like Darth Vader and imagine that he has the power of what Darth has. He tries to control everything by his hand to an exercise bike, dog, and his sandwich. All of them were failed.
He was a little upset until his father came back with the 2012 Volkswagen Passat, he tries to start it, and the car did start! His magic …

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Moby car commercial song

Here is your chance listen to Moby car commercial song and watch the car commercial video with Moby’s song in Volkswagen Jetta commercial. The famous song that used in the Volkswagen Jetta commercial is a song from Moby’s album named “God moving over the face of the water”. This song is a neo-classical song in his 1995 album “Everything Is Wrong”.

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Buy car get AK 47

Have you ever buy car get AK 47? Here we tell you where to get this deal. You will just need to buy a car from the dealer, and then you can get an AK 47 for free. There is a sounds-crazy offer at Max Motors in Butler, Missouri state in U.S, who offer an AK 47 assault rifle to all their customers whoever buy a car from them during the month of August last year (2009). Isn’t it sounds creative but crazy?

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Car commercial songs

Best car commercial songs can be found here! Some of the car commercials advertisers are very creative, innovative, and full with imagination. Most of the songs written are so sentimental and touching, it will run in your head for the whole week. Songs that related to cars can be rock for cool cars, can be jazz, can be cute for cute car like cute Japanese concept car, and many more types.

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Scary car commercial

There is a very famous scary car commercial advertisement originally filmed in Europe. If you compare the scary ads and the normal commercial car ads, the scary ads will usually stays in your heart longer than normal advertisement. Off course, this has to done with effective car commercial songs. This is a very great technique car advertiser use to catch potential buyer’s heart. Common car commercial advertisement is showing how powerful, how luxury, how good handling and how comfortable a car is, but there are some advertisement showing and presenting the car …