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The most viewed car commercial on YouTube in 2011


It isn’t a viral video that creates millions of viewer over night. It is “The Force” Volkswagen commercial to promote the all-new 2012 Volkswagen Passat. The video featured a kid wearing like Darth Vader and imagine that he has the power of what Darth has. He tries to control everything by his hand to an exercise bike, dog, and his sandwich. All of them were failed.

He was a little upset until his father came back with the 2012 Volkswagen Passat, he tries to start it, and the car did start! His magic is work now! At the end of the video, the commercial shows that it is the father who pressed on a remote start to start up the engine within the given range. This is a great feature for consumer especially during winter time or cold early morning. You can start the car from home to heat up the car engine before driving it so that time could be saved. For hot day, remote starter can also very useful to start up the car and let the AC cool down the interior before you get in.

The commercial is only 1 minute long but it has successfully attract more than 45 millions viewer in Youtube and make it to the number 9 in the most viewed YouTube video in 2011. This is really a very creative commercial. It is another achievement for Volkswagen in 2011 after the company slipped into top 47 of the top 100 brands of 2011.


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