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Moby car commercial song


Here is your chance listen to Moby car commercial song and watch the car commercial video with Moby’s song in Volkswagen Jetta commercial. The famous song that used in the Volkswagen Jetta commercial is a song from Moby’s album named “God moving over the face of the water”. This song is a neo-classical song in his 1995 album “Everything Is Wrong”.

Moby, someone resists the car commercial and love to create genuinely affective melody, is allowing his track to be used in VW car commercial. Volkswagen Company is using Moby’s song as the background of the Jetta commercial. Although Moby’s song seems to be against his beliefs, the money he receives from the commercial will be going to the needy or organization that work to look after the environment.

“There’s something perversely satisfying about taking money from a car company and giving it to organisations which work to protect the environment. I figured that they were going to make the commercial with or without my music, so why not let them use my music and in the process help out some worthwhile organisations?”, said Moby.

Other than VW, there are some other brands that used Moby’s song in car commercial such as Nissan Almera, 1996 Rover 400, and others. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the commercial and off course the song.


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