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Buy car get AK 47


Have you ever buy car get AK 47? Here we tell you where to get this deal. You will just need to buy a car from the dealer, and then you can get an AK 47 for free. There is a sounds-crazy offer at Max Motors in Butler, Missouri state in U.S, who offer an AK 47 assault rifle to all their customers whoever buy a car from them during the month of August last year (2009). Isn’t it sounds creative but crazy?

Owner of Max Motors, Mark Muller who has been in automotive industry for more than 32 years, has once again hit the car sales market with this controversial deal across the country. Muller said “We really are different than the big city dealers”. Two years ago in 2007, Muller’s first hit was to give away handguns to his customer, and that brings 35 extra cars sold. This AK 47 assault rifle deal is just another consecution deal for him.

The promotion from Max Motor actually gives their new truck car buyer a US$450 dollars voucher from a gun shop, which the costs equivalent to a good AK 47. The voucher can be used for cheaper model at the same shop.

The idea of buy car get AK 47 is brilliant in marketing view. Muller had successfully generates attention and gets a free advertisement through CNN’s “American Morning” interview with Carol Costello. “This year we are trying to sell an extra 100 cars more than we would. We are just trying to generate some traffic, generate some interest and enthusiasm and it seems to work real well.” said Muller during the interview.

Economy crisis in year 2009 has been tough on car dealers but not Max Motors. Muller’s motto “God, guns, guts and American pickup trucks” has brought a real big hit for this promotion not only in America, but all over the world. This car deal sounds wild to all other car dealer in the city and there are people bound to be worried by the deal for sure.

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However, this story ends up to be an amazing advertising technique that brings overwhelming success because it received national attention for its unusual promotion, “buy car get AK 47”.


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