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Bangkok: BMW Xpo 2011 at Siam Paragon 22 – 25 September 2011

If the recent Frankfurt Auto Show is too far for you to go, no worries, there is a small-size auto show held in Bangkok, the BMW Xpo 2011 at Siam Paragon. BMW Bangkok invites anyone to explore the latest design and innovation from BMW. This event will be held in Siam Paragon,Bangkok,Thailand, from 22 to 25 September 2011. For those who want to see the latest BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, now it is your chance.

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Frankfurt: Three Luxury Diminutive Electric Cars from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz

As usual, one of the world’s largest motor shows the Frankfurt Motor Show has attracted thousands of visitors. This year, the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show will be held from September 15 to September 25. Many car makers are showing off their best to visitors. Since the Auto Show is held inGermany and it is biennial, the top three German luxury car makers did show something different this year. They are prepared to roll out all-electric cars from 2013.

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Top 10 cars at Geneva Auto Show 2011

Here are the top 10 cars at Geneva Auto Show 2011. Technology keep moves on, the air of 2011 Geneva Auto Show was full with electric cars, concept cars, and off course with some of the cool cars. We only see few gasoline-powered cars in the top 10 list because what the world need is eco-friendly cars, green technology, as well as environment friendly cars.

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Bangkok Classic Car Show

Well, it’s a beautiful Sunday and there is a small scale classic car exposition 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. The 2010 Bangkok classic car show cover cars from 1950s until 1980s and most of them are celebrities from famous movie like James Bond 007, Fast and the Furious, Initial D, DALLAS, Gone in 60 seconds, Taxi, Transformer, The Saint, Batman, and many more. Unfortunately, these cars are not for sale! However, thanks to the owner’s care and we stand a chance to see all these cars living healthy on planet. …

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Top 10 concept cars at Paris Auto Show

Just like past years, the Paris Auto Show this year rock again the automobile world with even more cool cars. Let’s check out the top 10 concept cars at Paris Auto Show this year. This time, you can see any kind of concept cars in any kind of shapes and sizes. Some are with super duper futuristic design while some are just like pimped retro cars.