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What cars must have a catalytic converter?

What cars must have a catalytic converter? What is actually a catalytic converter? Why cars must have a catalytic converter? Here we tell you what exactly a catalytic converter do in your car, what is its function, and when you need to remove it from your car. It is not necessary to understand all the deep explanation but you should learn the basic knowledge of catalytic converter.

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Why is car insurance so high for teenagers

Have you think of why is car insurance so high for teenagers? We give you top 5 reasons why it is high for teen and how to get cheap car insurance for teenager. Among all the car accidents statistic from the whole world, it shows teenagers have more car crashes than others. Teenager always seems to be the one that cause the accident happen in much kind of circumstances on the road especially speeding. This perhaps understandable why car insurance companies give a higher rates for teen.

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Why people love cars

Ever think of why people love cars? I believe this is a question in most of girls’ mind when seeing their boyfriend or husband love their cars more than them. On the other hand, there also quite a number of girls that love cars especially girls that work related to car like hot car wash girls. I have also seen some car lovers even tie up their stomach save money on food to buy car accessories to modify the car nicer. The question is why, why and why?

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Car engine won’t start

Car engine won’t start is something very common and it can be very headache for car dummies. Diagnosing car engine problems can be very simple if you catch the tricks, in the mean time it can be very anal. If the problem is serious, you will need a car engine diagram to troubleshoot the problem. Angelina will give you some tricks and tips to find out why the car won’t start so that it can avoid car dummies from being overcharged by untruthful mechanics. Let’s see the Top 10 easiest …