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What cars must have a catalytic converter?


What cars must have a catalytic converter? What is actually a catalytic converter? Why cars must have a catalytic converter? Here we tell you what exactly a catalytic converter do in your car, what is its function, and when you need to remove it from your car. It is not necessary to understand all the deep explanation but you should learn the basic knowledge of catalytic converter.

What is Catalytic Converter?

catalytic converter

Catalytic converter is also known as Cat or Catcon. It is a small piece of equipment where you can locate it near to the car engine’s exhaust manifold. The main function is to reduce the toxicity of exhaust emissions from the engine. Most of the cars built since 1975 in the United States have a catalytic converter as part of the exhaust system. It is made by precious metals and a chemical reaction will be occurred to renders toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons) into less harmful emissions when hot exhaust enters the Cat. In the market there is two-way and three-way Cat. Some are particularly designed for diesel and lean-burn engines.

Catalytic converter can be failed with many reasons. It can be damaged by bad road condition, plugged or contaminated, broken substrate, overheating, and among oothers. If Cat fails, the car will break down or it can’t be start (see car engine won’t start). A new Cat will cost $300 to $1,000 depends on your car model and year made. A used Cat can be purchased around $150 to $250.

Why cars must have a catalytic converter?

It is to protect the environment by reducing the toxicity from exhaust and pollution-causing emissions. It is also to comply with U.S Government’s emissions legislation since 1975.

All kind of cars registered after 1st August 1992 must have a working catalytic converter. A car will fail the annual MoT if it is without a Cat or the Cat is not in good working condition. Cars running on leaded petrol and originally without a Cat, you don’t have to fix one. Some people want to remove the Cat from their cars because it gives more power and give better mileage. This is because the hot exhaust can direct go out from the engine without have to go through the Cat. However, it is illegal to remove Cat from a car which already has it. Do check with your state law for more details about what cars must have a catalytic converter.


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