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Why people love cars


why people love cars
Ever think of why people love cars? I believe this is a question in most of girls’ mind when seeing their boyfriend or husband love their cars more than them. On the other hand, there also quite a number of girls that love cars especially girls that work related to car like hot car wash girls. I have also seen some car lovers even tie up their stomach save money on food to buy car accessories to modify the car nicer. The question is why, why and why?
If you notice, nowadays cars are no longer just a transport for people to go to work and back or go to school and back. It is more than ever “play it” or “collect it” than “use it”.

Top reasons

The shape of the car

This is one of the great reason people love cars especially super exotic sports cars. The basic design of a car and the car shape will touched peoples’ heart when look at it. Off course we will have to look at the statistic. Most of the people love special cars in terms of shape, power, performance, and out look. There are also some people out there who love a common daily use car like Toyota Altis.

The speed

Well, this is definitely something you can buy and have the speed you want. An aeroplane is too hard to drive, driving a rocket is almost only happen in dream, but learning to drive a car is the fastest and most realistic way in real life that will give you the speed you want. If you do not believe, try the speed of a Lamborghini.

Uniqueness of a car

Every car is unique. Some people love cars because they can modify it, play it, and make it like tricked out cars to attract peoples’ attention. Some cars like muscle cars are limited edition, therefore people buy it and keep it as collector item due to the uniqueness of the car.

The Feeling towards car

Some people born to love cars, especially when you are young you have already own some cars model as toy isn’t it? According to a psychology study, something that a person touched or get closed to ever since he or she was young will lead to them a great hobby in the future. Some kids learn how to draw cars when they are young, indirectly this will lead them to own one as toy in the future.

People love cars because of the name

This is one of the very true reasons if you ever check out list of car names, and off course are not funniest car names. The most famous car name Ford Mustang has really success in the name as well. Mustang, mustang! A car name that match to the car and makes people fall in love with it. Another reason is coincidently the name match to the people’s name.

Power of car commercial

There are quite a number of people love cars because of affected by the car commercial. Some cars presented extremely nice not just in the normal TV commercial but also in Movie such as the famous movie “Fast and Furious Cars”. Sometimes scary car commercial will also affect a person’s feeling towards the car.

Environment need

Some people prefer to stay out of town due to certain reason such as financial budget or they do not love crowded place. This makes them choose to raise a family in a low density area, there goes makes them need a car to downtown due to distance reason. For most of the people, they will fall in love with their car once they start to use it everyday and drive it everyday.

People see faces from car

Some people see faces from car, either is a cool car face, angry car face like Mitsubishi Evolution, Nissan Skyline, or a cute car face like the classic Mini Cooper.

Why some car lovers love sports cars

  • It is cool, it is cool, and it is cool!
  • The coolest ever shape and the special sound from exhaust pipe
  • The fastest speed in automobile industry
  • The 2 door and 2 seats that only allow you to fetch sweet car girls without have to fetch her parents
  • The outlook that attract anyone’s attention everytime you drive the car out

Why some people love classic cars?

Story behind the car

As a car lover, you will definitely think that cars are just like human, human has a life, so does car. This is one of the best answers to the question why people love cars. Some people love to collect cars with story behind such as the 1966 Buick Electra 225 that been used in Jayne Mansfield car crash. Another reason is also some people would like to collect or buy back their first car which they sold many years ago due to financial reason.

It’s no more!

Yes! This is a great why. Classic cars production end long ago, no more production means you can’t buy anymore, that 30’s Austin 8 cabriolet means that Austin 8, nothing to compare, nothing to care. The crazy and special feeling of the classic manual gear box, you might need learning to drive a manual transmission car before you can try to drive some classic cars.

Hardly get

People love to collect it because of hardly get it. Some rich mans’ toy. You can have a lot of money but doesn’t means you can own the classic car that I have as long as I don’t want to sell it to you.

Funny poem why people love cars

I don’t want your love
I don’t want your money
I just want the key to your Ferrari
Don’t want your bed
I don’t want your body
I want the key to your Ferrari

The machine of a dream
Such a clean machine
With the pistons a pumpin
And the hub caps all gleam

Now, have you understand why people love cars?
Ferrari 599 GTB


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