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Why is car insurance so high for teenagers


Have you think of why is car insurance so high for teenagers? We give you top 5 reasons why it is high for teen and how to get cheap car insurance for teenager. Among all the car accidents statistic from the whole world, it shows teenagers have more car crashes than others. Teenager always seems to be the one that cause the accident happen in much kind of circumstances on the road especially speeding. This perhaps understandable why car insurance companies give a higher rates for teen.

Car accident rates high for teenager

It has got no debate for teenager that car accident statistic around the world show that teens the most car accidents. In 2004, 5,610 teenagers died in the U.S cause by car accidents (according to IIHS).

Reckless rates high for teenager

Besides the accident rate, reckless rates for both fatal and nonfatal car crashes is also high for teenager compared with other ages. Other than that, young driver are less likely to use the car seat belts at any time.

Teenager is new driver

Most of the young driver starts their driving at the age of 17. It is the age that teenager will get their first car and drive it with no driving history. This has brought a concern for car insurance companies because the percentage of accident is high for inexperience driver.

Teenager drive faster

Statistic shows highway speed records mostly are teen driver. This shows teen driver drive faster than other do.

Drink and drive is fun for teenager

Police record shows most of the drink and drive fine given to driver in town is teenager. This gives another answer to why is car insurance so high for teenagers.

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How to get it cheap for teenagers?

Good student discount

Show the car insurance company the student’s result. Nothing to worry, you will get a good discount as long as the result is good. See car insurance student UK.

Get a safety driving course

Enroll your kids to any safety driving course and get the recognized certificate. Bring along this certificate and you will get some discount from certain car insurance companies.

Buy it under parent’s insurance policy

Go to the same insurance company where your parents having their own policy there. The company will give a good discount rate.

Buy a normal car NOT exotic sports car

Buy a normal car that has a high National Safety Rating, car insurance company will consider give a lower rate for this instead of any super exotic sports cars. Besides, a car with auto alarm (see world best car alarm systems, anti-lock brakes system, air bag, or more safety features will bring you more discounts on the insurance.

Buy a cheap used car

Buy any cheap used car and insure it on a third party fire and theft rather than comprehensive is another way of saving money on car insurance for teenager.

In a nutshell, car insurance company is just worry they will fork over money to pay for accident damages or the repair cost to a car. As long as you can convince them they will not over pay, you will get a good rate. After reading the top 5 reasons, this perhaps comprehensible why is car insurance so high for teenagers.


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