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DeLorean Cars

DeLorean cars are one of those rare car brands that make us think of Back to The Future car. DeLorean DMC-12 often is the only model comes into mind when mentioned DeLorean.
DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) was founded by a handsome gentleman John Zachary DeLorean in 1975. Other than the DMC-12, John DeLorean is well known for developing some of the most wanted muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s such as the Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Firebird, and Pontiac Grand Prix.

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Car Laptop Mount

Here is your delicious A-list of best and cheap car laptop mount that suitable for most of the cars including Toyota, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, and many other car brands. You can easily mount a laptop in your car and to use it as GPS, watch movies, or to do some work during traffic jam. Car mount for laptop is slightly bigger, heavier, and a little bit more costly if compare to iPhone Car Mount or iPad Car Mount because they are smaller and lighter.

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iPad Car Mount

Here are the reviews for the best top 3 iPad car mount available for sale in the market and top 3 cheapest car mount for iPad. There are many types of car mount available for sales in the market, to make things easy and simple, you should choose car mounts that are extremely easy-to-install and extremely easy to remove, as well as have the basic car accessories to protect your iPad. See also iPhone car mount.

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AvtoVAZ Cars

AvtoVAZcars are currently the only car brand name contains unusual semantic pleonasm but you have to agree that AvtoVAZ cars have something unique that makes the production hits nearly a million cars a year.
The Russian car maker AvtoVAZ (ABTOBA3 in Russian) was founded in 1966 in collaboration with one of the top Italian car brand Fiat. Currently, 25% of AvtoVAZ is own by a famous French car maker Renault.

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Austin-Healey Cars

Whether it is original Austin-Healey cars or Austin Haeley replica kit car, Austin-Healey sports cars are always one of the most sought-after classic cars in the automobile market today.
The British car maker Austin-Healey was established in 1952 when Austin did a deal with Donald Healey who was a renowned automotive engineer and designer. Austin-Healey is a car marque famous in making a range of cool sports cars since 1952 until 1972. Marking a 20-year success in British automobile history.

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Bufori Cars

Buforicars are a big success in the automobile industry and it is also one of the few car brands that established in the ‘80s. Why we say so is because there are not much of Bufori models but there are a lot of Bufori fans all over the world.
Bufori was founded in 1986 by Khouri Brothers, Anothony, George, and Gerry. Bufori is famous in hand-made car that inspired by American 1930s coupes. Most of Bufori car models are two-door except Bufori Geneva which introduced in 2010.