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1980 Honda Prelude

The car featured here today is the 1980 Honda Prelude which running on 1.6L EL engine that produces 78 hp (55 kW). This car was manufactured in 1980 and assembled in Sayama, Japan. The first Honda Prelude was introduced on November 24, 1978. The Prelude used the second generation Honda Civic as a base, but turn into a 2-door coupe sports car. Read the review and some unprecedented information about the Honda Prelude.

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Audi Sports Car

Here are some of the most notable new Audi sports car as well as classic Audi sports cars that have been discontinued. It takes hundred years for a car to become an Audi, that’s the reason why the sports car listed here is so noteworthy to check out. Some of it has been discontinued and only available for sale with very high price through classic sports car auctions across the country. It is definitely luck to own one of these sports cars.

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Ten Safest Mid-Size Cars

Here are the review for 2011 top ten safest mid-size cars. These cars are ranked according to the car’s safety features and everything you can find in the car for safety purposes. We did not rank the car based on the selling price. Mid-size cars will not be so expensive because it is just “Mid-Size”. However, these mid-size cars are available in 2011 and will also be good to use in 2012 or even 2013.

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Walmart car batteries

Can I buy car batteries from Walmart? Yes off course you can because Walmart offers few types of car batteries. Walmart car batteries give lots of advantages that others don’t. For example, Walmart provide free installation for the battery if you purchase any car batteries from Walmart. You can also trade in your old battery at the same time for recycle purpose.

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Electric Car Batteries

Here is the list of electric car batteries available for sales in the market. Read the review of these electric car batteries and find the best battery that suitable for your electric cars or any electric car conversions project. Three main types of batteries for electric cars are Lithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel metal. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Best iPhone Car Mount

Want to know what is the best iPhone car mount that suitable for all cars? Here is the review of few iPhone car mount that available for sale in the market at any car accessories stores. We tell you the best car mount for iPhone based on the quality and also the best car mount based on the price.