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Tata Safari 4×4

Tata safari 4×4 is rated as the best selling car among all cars manufactured by Tata Motors Limited. By looking at the Swot analysis of Tata Motors, we can clearly know that the strengths, the weakness, the opportunities, and the threats of the car. The Tata Safari gives you the performance as what you expect from a 4×4 car at a reasonable price. With this spacious 4×4, 7 passengers can be seated comfortable and extra car is not needed to save gasoline cost. Check out the gasoline price history if …

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High performance parts for audi a4

High performance parts for Audi a4 can be found easily with the reasonable price. Audi a4 performance can be upgraded by changing the performance exhaust system, mufflers, suspension, brake system, shifters, air intake systems, Cooling performance, oil filters, and even performance batteries… etc All these high performance parts definitely will make the car a better handling and a better driving feeling.

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Audi A4 performance

Audi a4 performance is never been a doubt for most of the Audi cars lover. There are a lot of cheap and high performance parts for Audi a4 available in the market to increase or upgrade the horse power of the car, the break, and off course the handling performance. Audi a4 performance parts can be easily found or order from internet as the original a4 is always ready to get a better and better performance even though there are some minor problems with audi a4 has been discussed among the enthusiasts.

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MINI Cooper S R56

Mini Cooper S R56 was introduced at the same time with Mini Cooper R56 on 2006 and 2007 (some markets). Just like the first generation MINI Cooper and Cooper S, the Cooper S R56 is a more car that come with turbo charge engine. The 2007 Cooper S outlook is almost like the first generation MINI Cooper S R53, but the car ignition device is now a circular pad with a stubby base. Imagine a keyless ignition in a car the size of a 7-series escape pod? Surprise?