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Mini Cooper S R56 was introduced at the same time with Mini Cooper R56 on 2006 and 2007 (some markets). Just like the first generation MINI Cooper and Cooper S, the Cooper S R56 is a more car that come with turbo charge engine. The 2007 Cooper S outlook is almost like the first generation MINI Cooper S R53, but the car ignition device is now a circular pad with a stubby base. Imagine a keyless ignition in a car the size of a 7-series escape pod? Surprise?

The interior has been upgrade if compare to the first generation. The fuel gauge is now a circular ring of digital lights on the speedometer pod, with a “range to empty” display on the information section of the tachometer pod, in script familiar to BMW owners. Drivers are confronted by a wide range of organic looking toggles and indentures, operating all manner of controls. 

mini cooper s r56
Note: The steering wheel has been changed and it looks different from the first generation.

Performance and detail

  • Engine 1598cc, four cylinders
  • Power 175bhp @ 5500rpm – 172 horsepower and 177 pound feet of torque vs. 168/162
  • Torque 177 lb ft @ 1600rpm
  • Transmission Six-speed manual
  • Fuel 40.9mpg (combined cycle). See also Gasoline Price History.
  • CO2 164g/km
  • Acceleration 0-62mph: 7.1sec
  • Top speed 140mph / 222.0 km/h
  • Fuel economy (29/36).
  • Brake System Antiblocking system, Electronic brake distribution, Automatic stabilisation control
  • Weight 1215 kg (2,678.6 pounds)
  • Come with MINI Cooper S’ DSC stability control
  • Approximate New Price US$21240

The MINI Cooper S bring a very wonderful corner carving capabilities, it stays flat and level through vicious corners. It turns in with all the eagerness of a toddler’s mother, believe me, if you are someone love to drive corner, you will fall in love with the Cooper S handling. Also, The Cooper S 56 performance, handling, and feeling did appear in Mini Convertible R52 model year 2007 and above as a second generation Mini Convertible Cooper S.

All the Mini Cooper S comes with twin exhaust system, it is the most obvious outlook thing to differentiate it out from the Mini One and Mini Cooper R50.

mini cooper s r56
mini cooper s r56


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