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Tata Safari 4×4


Tata safari 4×4 is rated as the best selling car among all cars manufactured by Tata Motors Limited. By looking at the Swot analysis of Tata Motors, we can clearly know that the strengths, the weakness, the opportunities, and the threats of the car. The Tata Safari gives you the performance as what you expect from a 4×4 car at a reasonable price. With this spacious 4×4, 7 passengers can be seated comfortable and extra car is not needed to save gasoline cost. Check out the gasoline price history if you want to know that.

Let Angelina share more detail information about this car, share out the pro and cons in terms of the performance of the car, the engine, the transmission, features of the car, the safety and security, the outlook, the dimension, the value, quality and reliability of the car, all the great and gripes.

Tata Safari 4x4
1. Performance

  • It comes with 2.0litre 4 cylinder, 90Ps, all Diesel Turbo Intercooled
  • Engine capacity at 1948 cc
  • Kerb Weight 2040 kgs
  • Economy: 30.0 mpg (See also: Gasoline price history)
  • Max speed 96mph / 154kpm
  • Manual Transmission
  • Borg Warner Electrical Transfer box with 3-way selector switch giving 4×2 high ration, 4×4 high ration and 4×4 low ratio

2. Handling

  • The front suspension installed with double wishbone type with torsion bar springs which makes the car able to stay stable on unbalance surface.
  • The rear is running on coil spring type 5 Link suspension
  • For the absorber, it is using Shock Absorber Hydraulic double-acting telescopic type at front & rear
  • Besides, the anti-roll bar has been installed to both front and rear.
  • With the power steering installed to the car, the handling becomes much easier for a 4×4 car. The steering column also provides tilt mechanism for height adjustment and collapsible column.
  • Front Ventilated Discs & Rear Drum
  • Standard wheel fitted to the car is 6.0J x 15 “alloy rims” with 235 / 75 R15 tyres
  • Ground clearance and four-wheel drive make it good handling for off-road but pedestrian on-road

3. Safety

  • ABS (Antilock-Braking System) brakes are fitted for a safety stopping in emergencies.
  • It only comes with driver’s airbag
  • Immobilizer
  • Standard window and child safety lock for rear windows and rear doors.
  • Tata has taken the ‘bare minimum required by law’ approach here 

4. Great and Grips

  • The buying’s easy but the selling’s painful. What makes the car great is the reasonably priced to buy and run. But the car value will depreciate about £8k in three years.
  • Superb handling on off-road or on Tarmac but dreadful to drive on the road.
  • The outlook is very tough as old boots, but the materials in the cabin feel cheap and hastily assembled.
  • Plenty of features has been fitted to the car.

5. Dimensions

  • Wheel Base:   2560 mm
  • Track Front:   1500 mm
  • Track Rear:   1470 mm
  • Front Overhang:   945 mm
  • Rear Overhang:   1055 mm
  • Overall Length:   4650 mm
  • Max Width:   1810 mm
  • Overall Height:   1925 mm
  • Ground Clearance:   205 mm
  • Vehicle Kerb Weight:   2040 kg
  • Gross vehicle Weight:   2670 kg
  • Max permissible FAW:   1180 kg
  • Max permissible RAW:   1580 kg
  • Gross Train Weight:   4780 kg
  • Fuel Tank capacity:   65 litres


US$26,037 to US$28,223 (Rs 1,245,381 to Rs 1,349,953)

After reading all the features of the Safari 4×4, Angelina believes this 2 liter turbo-charged diesel engine makes light work of long journeys. The car electronically selectable 4×4 ensures that you can move fluently from 2 wheels to 4 wheel drive while you’re driving. Add to all this a commanding driving position, and a 3 year warranty to the car, you can clearly see why the TATA Safari is worth hunting down world wide especially in India.


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