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High performance parts for audi a4


High performance parts for Audi a4 can be found easily with the reasonable price. Audi a4 performance can be upgraded by changing the performance exhaust system, mufflers, suspension, brake system, shifters, air intake systems, Cooling performance, oil filters, and even performance batteries… etc All these high performance parts definitely will make the car a better handling and a better driving feeling.

1. Exhaust, Mufflers and Tips

The A4 performance can be upgraded by changing the exhaust system. There are 2 types of exhaust systems available for A4 which is Borla Exhaust Systems and Magnaflow Exhaust Systems. Both of these brands provide the whole exhaust system for both petrol engine and diesel engine and it does give a good output at a reasonable price.

Audi A4 exhaust

Unlike the exhaust, the Universal Mufflers have a lot of aftermarket options where you can go for Bassani Universal Mufflers, Flowmaster Mufflers 40 Series American Thunder, Flowmaster Mufflers 40 Series Delta Flow, Flowmaster Mufflers 50 Series Big Block, Flowmaster Mufflers 50 Series Delta Flow, Flowmaster Mufflers 50 Series HD, Flowmaster Mufflers 50 Series SUV Performance, Flowmaster Mufflers 60 Series Delta Flow, Flowmaster Mufflers 70 Series Big Block II, Flowmaster Mufflers 80 Series Crossflow, Flowmaster Mufflers Super 40, Flowmaster Mufflers Super 44 Series Muffler, Injen High Performance Mufflers, Magnaflow Universal Mufflers – Race Series Mufflers, Magnaflow Universal Mufflers – Stainless Round, Magnaflow Universal Mufflers – Stainless Steel Round Body, Magnaflow Universal Mufflers – Street Series Stainless with Tips.

As for the exhaust tips, there are basically 4 main types which is Dual, Oval, Square, and Round exhaust tips. It depends on your preference and the A4 model year you are driving. The performance parts that available for the exhaust tips are Borla, Gibson, Edelbrock, Magnaflow, MBRP and RBP.

2. Audi A4 Suspensions Systems

Having finish to choose the exhaust system, it is time to choose a suitable suspension system where it will increase the performance of your A4 handling. Parts that can be upgrade for your A4 are such as the Lowering Kits, Shocks, Suspension Components, leaf spring and coil springs, steering components, air suspension kits and air compressor.

Audi A4 Lowering Kits

  • B&G Suspension S2 Sport Springs
  • B&G Suspension S2K Sport Suspension Kit
  • Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
  • Eibach Sportline Springs
  • KW Coilover Shocks
  • ST Suspension Speedtech Springs
  • ST Suspension Sporttech Springs

Audi A4 Shocks

  • DJM Suspension Lowering Shocks
  • Edelbrock Street Rod Shocks
  • Eibach Springs Pro Damper Shock Absorbers
  • Eibach Springs Pro Street Coil-Over Shocks
  • KW Coilover Shocks

Audi A4 Suspension Components

  • Eibach Springs Anti Roll Bars
  • Skyjacker Rock Ready Grab Handles

Audi A4 Leaf Springs & Coil Springs

  • B&G Suspension S2 Sport Springs
  • Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
  • Eibach Sportline Springs
  • ST Suspension Speedtech Springs
  • ST Suspension Sporttech Springs

Audi A4 Steering Components

  • Eibach Springs Anti Roll Bars

Audi A4 Air Suspension Kits

  • VIAIR Air Source Kit
  • VIAIR Air Tanks
  • VIAIR Onboard Air Hookup Kit
  • VIAIR Onboard Air Systems

Audi A4 Air Compressors

  • VIAIR 100 Series Air Compressors
  • VIAIR 200 Series Air Compressors
  • VIAIR 300 Series Air Compressors
  • VIAIR 400 Series Air Compressors
  • VIAIR 400 Series Portable Air Compressors
  • VIAIR Air Source Kit

3. Brakes and Brake Pads performance parts

The braking system has to be upgrade right after you have upgraded the acceleration of your car. If you are able to accelerate the car from 0 to 100 kmh in 6 second, you will have to stop the car from 100 kmh to 0 in as short as time you can. There are several high performance parts available for Audi A4 braking system, these parts are such as:

Audi A4 Brake Pads

  • EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads
  • EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads
  • EBC Ultimax Brake Pads
  • EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads
  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads
  • Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Posi Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Posi Quiet Extended Wear Brake Pads
  • Posi Quiet Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Audi A4 Big Brake Kits

  • Brembo Gran Turismo Drilled Brake Kit
  • Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Kit

Audi A4 Brake Rotors

  • Baer Decela Rotors
  • Brembo Sport Drilled Rotors
  • Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors
  • DBA 4000 Series Rotors
  • DBA Gold Series Rotors
  • DBA Slotted Series Rotors
  • EBC Sport Rotors
  • EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors
  • Power Slot Cryo Rotors
  • Power Slot Slotted Rotors
  • Power Stop Cross Drilled Rotors

Audi A4 Brake Lines

  • Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines

Audi A4 Brake Accessories

  • MOMO Pit Stop Hand Brakes
  • SSBC Residual Pressure Valve

4. Air Filter

The air filter that available in the market for Audi A4 is such as AFE basic filters, AFE Pro-Dry S Air Filters, Green Air Filters, K&N Air Filters, Spectre Air Filter. For the Filter cleaning kits, K&N did manufacture the Filter Recharge Kit. Alternatively, you can go for True Flow Cleaning Kit. Well, the pre-filters are only 1 type available in the market which is the Injen Hydro Shield. The universal air filters available are Injen Replacement Air Intake Filters, K&N Custom Air Filter Assemblies, K&N Universal Round Air Filters, K&N XStream Round Air Filters, Volant PowerCore Replacement Air Filter.

5. A4 Shifters

The shifters play a main role in the A4, therefore the performance will definitely increase if you upgrade the shifters with high performance parts.

Audi A4 Automatic Shifters

  • B&M Pro Bandit Race Shifters
  • B&M Hammer Automatic Shifters
  • B&M MegaShifter Automatic Shifters
  • B&M Pro Ratchet Race Shifters
  • B&M Pro Stick Race Shifters
  • B&M QuikSilver Automatic Shifters
  • B&M Sport Shifter Automatic Shifter
  • B&M StarShifter Automatic Shifter
  • B&M Street Bandit Automatic Shifters
  • B&M Street Rod Automatic Shifters
  • B&M Unimatic Automatic Shifter
  • B&M Z-Gate Automatic Shifter

Audi A4 Shifter Accessories

  • B&M Performance Shifter Cables
  • B&M Super Duty Race Shifter Cables
  • B&M Unimatic Shifter Cables

Audi A4 Shift Knobs

  • MOMO Anatomic Shift Knobs
  • MOMO Automatic Shift Knobs
  • MOMO GTR Shift Knobs
  • MOMO Race Shift Knobs

Audi performance parts are built to original-equipment specifications, therefore the quality is built in. One of the joys of driving or owning an Audi A4 is the ability to install high performance parts and upgrade the car to suit your own preference. Thus, are you planning for an Audi A4 now?


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