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List of Ford Cars

Find the most complete and up-to-date list of Ford cars here if you are planning to buy brand new or any used Ford cars. The list of Ford cars here covers Ford sedan cars, SUVs, as well as the very useful trucks from A to Z. If you are looking for any Ford cars for sale and do not know which model is the best for you, this list will be very helpful for you as a guide and also as a consideration.

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Names of car insurance companies

Here are all the names of car insurance companies around the world. Some car insurance companies are successful and famous because of having good company names. We list out all automobile insurance companies names from A to Z. Most of the companies are originally from U.S, UK, and Asia. Check it out!

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List of micro cars from United Kingdom

Here is the list of micro cars and all of them are made in the United Kingdom. It consists of all micro cars name from A to Z. You can always refer to the list of micro cars name from A to Z from some other countries. Small car could not be fast but it has always bring a lot of fun to people who ride on it

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List of micro cars

Here is the list of micro cars name from A to Z and the country of origin. Most of the micro cars are from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, and Japan. The only reason why there are so many micro cars is because the demand for small, cheap, and short-distance car is high due to petrol price and post World War II.

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Top 10 funniest car registration plates

Hahaha, here is the Top 10 funniest car registration plates and car number plates that forms funny names from around the world, some you don’t even think about it! Check out the Penis, Jaws, excited, and Hello Kitty! Not forget to check out funniest car names and also list of car names.

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Funniest car names

Funniest car names list is available here. Top 10, top 20, even top 30 funniest names are shred here not only for you to laugh, but also for automobile maker to be aware while naming the cool cars or sports cars. As a car enthusiast, we do not want to ride on cool muscle cars that named “Ford Lanjiao”, where “Lanjiao” in Asia local language “Hokkien” is a vulgar term which means Penis. Therefore, naming a cool ride is not only to consider the meaning of the word in the …