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Top 10 funniest car registration plates


Hahaha, here is the Top 10 funniest car registration plates and car number plates that forms funny names from around the world, some you don’t even think about it! Check out the Penis, Jaws, excited, and Hello Kitty! Not forget to check out funniest car names and also list of car names.

Let’s start our ranking from Top 10 to top 1.

10. Funny because the car says “AARRR”

This car spotted in U.S Virginia states on a 4 x 4 Jeep. It just “AARRR”…..

9. Honda accord says “I believe”

This picture submitted taken by Vivian from Victoria, Australia. I do believe!


8. Funny Jaws spotted

Spotted a JAWS.02 in Australia.


7. WTF on a Nissan Skyline GTR 35?

This is not a cheap number plate in Malaysia, it is WTF1. Any single digit number plate is well-known for the rich in Malaysia. It’s really WTF…

WTF Number 1

6. BUGGI on Volkswagen BUGGI

This registration number plate could have never been better to put on other car. It is a BUGGI on a BUGGI!



GOOGLE Co-Founder’s car? Does it belong to Sergey Brin or Larry Page?


4. Mitsubishi Hello Kitty

A Japanese car Mitsubishi Lancer to have a Japanese fictional character toy Hello Kitty is just nice!


3. An excited Mercedes

An excited (XC1TE) Mercedes spotted by one of MML’s reader from Victoria, Australia. She must have excited to see this Mercedes-Benz.


2. Mazda SOLD to you

Another funny car registration plates spotted in Victoria, Australia. He must be a Mazda reseller…


1. Honda PENIS

The best of the best still happen in Penang, Malaysia. It is an expensive number plate on seventh generation Honda Accord, the “PENIS” PEN15. The owner must get used of other taking his car photo every time he drives the car out.


Hope you enjoy the Top 10 funny car registration plates.


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