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Ten girly car accessories for sexy girls

Modify a car heavily is the nature of many guys but not girls. Girls prefer to customize their cars so that it looks feminine. Stainless steel muffler, exhaust extractor, over-size piston, customized radiator or high performance engine parts are not really necessary for girls. What girls usually prefer is a Barbie car that could make them feel comfortable while driving. Check out these top ten girly car accessories that special made for sexy girls.
Lace car seat cover – it is a must for cute girls who want to decorate their …

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Thai girls – University

A lot of Thailand and Asia readers have been attracted to this car blog lately, so Angelina is going to expand more topics about this blog. Today, Angelina is going to bring all the readers tour and get know of Thai girls who study in University. There are quite a number of pretty car girls and hot car girls that appear in Bangkok car show are studying in University.