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DeLorean for sale

Rare cars for sale! Here we have a wonderful and immaculate condition DeLorean for sale. This is a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. Originally built by DeLorean Motor Company and this is one of the most wanted back to the future DeLorean. The DMC-12 was featured as the time machine in Back to the Future movie as the Back To The Future Car. Now it can be yours for just £18999 or any offers around this price.

Armored Cars »

Loomis armored car

Here is your scrumptious A-list of cool and physically powerful looking Loomis armored car. If you love armored cars you can always look for used armored cars for sale, buy it and then convert it to road-legal car. There are many armored cars for sale through live auction and online auction from Loomis, Brinks, and Garda. The price is cheap and it is always an alternative to Hummer.

Morgan »

Morgan Cars

You are definitely a car enthusiast with good taste if you look for Morgan cars for sale. Extremely cool, dramatically stunning, tremendously stylish best describe Morgan cars.
British sports cars manufacturer Morgan (Morgan Motor Company) was founded in 1909 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. It is the car brand of choice for car buyers seeking cars that steeped in luxury, performance, and sophistication.

Lancia »

Lancia Cars

With more than 100 years in automobile industry, Lancia cars have became one of the car brands for car buyers who seeking reliable and distinctive cars.
Lancia (Lancia Automobiles S.p.A.) was founded in 1906 by Fiat racing driver, Vincenzo Lancia. Born in Turin, the brand was sold to one of the top selling car brand Fiat in 1969 and the ownership remains until today.

Maserati »

Maserati Cars

One very good thing about Maserati is you can find super exotic Maserati cars at non-exotic price compared with some other super exotic car maker.
Maserati was founded by six Maserati brothers, Carlo, Bindo, Alfieri, Mario, Ettore, and Ernesto. While all brothers were racing enthusiasts and all are into automobile, this Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Maserati was established nearly a century ago in 1914 although the eldest brother Carlo Maserati died in 1910.


TVR Cars

From TVR 2500 to TVR Griffith, TVR cars are definitely not your choice if you are not into sports cars especially lightweight sports cars.
Blackpool-born British sports car manufacturer TVR was founded in 1946 by Trevor Wilkinson. TVR was world’s third largest specialized sports car manufacturer offering sports cars from coupe to convertibles. The name TVR was derived from TreVoR.