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With more than 100 years in automobile industry, Lancia cars have became one of the car brands for car buyers who seeking reliable and distinctive cars.

Lancia (Lancia Automobiles S.p.A.) was founded in 1906 by Fiat racing driver, Vincenzo Lancia. Born in Turin, the brand was sold to one of the top selling car brand Fiat in 1969 and the ownership remains until today.

Lancia Logo

Lancia Logo

The first Lancia model is the Lanciao Tipo 51or 12 HP. It was made in 1907 and sold as 1908 model year. Pre-war, not much of Lancia cars were made but still there are some notable models like the 1913 Lancia Theta 35 HP and Lancia Lamba.

Postwar, Lancia gave birth to Lancia Aurelia which was the first full-production V6 car. The brand introduced Lancia Fulvia at 1963 Geneva Motor Show after the success of Aurelia.

In 1972, we saw the birth of a-head-of-its-time super car Lancia Stratos HF. Only 492 of this High Fidelity (HF) car were ever built. In 1975, Lancia introduced another sports car, the Lancia Scorpion which also called Lancia Beta Montecarlo.

Notable Lancia models

  • Lancia Delta (2008 – present) – First Lancia Delta was introduced in 1979 and the production stopped in 1999. The third generation Delta reborn in 2008 and remain as one top selling Lancia cars. A more advanced Lancia Delta available and known as Integrale.
  • Lancia Kappa (1994 – 2000)
  • Lancia Thema (1984 – 1994)
  • Lancia Beta (1972 – 1984)
  • Lancia Flavia (1961 – 1975)
  • Lancia Flaminia (1957 – 1970)
  • Lancia Appia (1953 – 1963)

There are many significant Lancia models in the past and they remains as classic cars and antique cars. Today, some of the current Lancia models available for sales are Lancia Delta, Lancia Ypsilon, Lancia Musa, and Lancia Phedra.

Lancia’s history and all the cars they built is a proof to their success. If you would like to know more or planning to buy any Lancia cars, just logon to Lancia.com to checkout the latest Lancia cars for sale with pricing.


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