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Cars under RM5000 dollars you might consider

The biggest advantage of buying cars under RM5000 dollars is that the maximum depreciation will not over RM5000. This is because the car can be sold as scrapped metal for at least RM500 dollars at the end of the day. Buying a reliable budget car is good but buying a bad and unreliable budget car will bring many hassles and extra money will be wasted to repair the car. Therefore, choose properly before decision is made.
Toyota Corolla KE70 (up to 1990s)

It is always good to give a try either it …

Best Gas Mileage Cars »

Cars under 20000 with the best gas mileage

Here is the list of cars under $20000 with the best gas mileage, the mpg these cars achieved, and the MSRP selling price. Surprisingly, some of these cars give very good gas mileage even though it is not running on hybrid system. Whether you want to buy mid-size cars, trucks, sports cars, compact cars, or large sedans, you can pick one model that best suitable for your needs here.

Used Cars »

Buy used cars under 500

Here is the way of how to buy used cars under 500 dollars, where to find these used cars, and top 5 used cars under 500 dollars. The easiest way to get cars for 500 dollars is from auction. There are so many successful cases that some people just pay for $1 dollar for a 1982 Honda prelude and only $40 processing fee, which means $41 dollars in total for the car. That is the same price with a glass of good wine!

Car Buying, Used Cars »

Used cars under 1000?

Here is the list of used cars under 1000 dollars. These used cars are cheap to buy, reliable, under 1000 dollars, and good for whoever need a car with low budget. There is a lot of people think that cars under 1000 dollars are bad and it is clunkers excepta small group of smart people that see these cars as reliable car. Besides, it is good for teenager as first car because you will not have to pay much on the car and also car insurance.

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Nice cars for 500 dollars

Here is your delicious A-list of nice cars for 500 dollars and 3 easy ways to find all these cars under 500 dollars with picture, location and price of the car. It is no doubt you can find a very nice running condition car for just 500 dollars or even less than that, but car knowledge and some buying experience is a must before you made your decision to buy the car. If you are car dummies, ask someone else who does go along with you to check out the …

Cars for Sale »

Cars under 1000 dollars

A list of cars under 1000 dollars that are reliable to use, low maintenance, worth buy, with higher second hand value, and with high clunker rebate are listed here. When economy crisis hit the world, there were even cheaper cars available like cars under 500 dollars. One man’s bargain is another man’s extravagance, go for a good bargain car, but do not forget about the car problems and the maintenance cost you will need to pay. Let’s go through the list and check out with the dealer around your area, …