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Here is the way of how to buy used cars under 500 dollars, where to find these used cars, and top 5 used cars under 500 dollars. The easiest way to get cars for 500 dollars is from auction. There are so many successful cases that some people just pay for $1 dollar for a 1982 Honda prelude and only $40 processing fee, which means $41 dollars in total for the car. That is the same price with a glass of good wine!

If you are already excited to get a nice car for 500 dollars, all you need to know is how to buy it and where to buy it. Car auction is one of the easiest ways to get cheap and nice cars. Government auto auctions is available almost once a month, what you need to do is find out the auction date, auction car list, and be prepared to get a nice car. It is recommended to go for auction during low season when the demand is not high.

Besides government auction, online car auction is always a great place to find the car you want by just sitting in front of your computer in air-conditioned room with a fruit juice right beside you. eBay and some online auction portal are good to shop around, just key in cars with auction price less than 500 dollars!

There are tons of repossessed cars for sale from bank every year. This is because many debtors unable to pay their monthly car payment and cause the bank to repossessed it. That is what makes bank a good place to buy used cars under 500 dollars or even cheaper.

Other than that, you will need to go to any used cars dealer, junk yard, salvage car dealer, government impounded cars for sale to look for cheap and reliable cars. Some nice place where you can get cheap and good cars are: nice cars for 500 dollarscars under 1000 dollars, used cars under 1000, salvage cars for saleimpounded cars for saleproject cars for sale, muscle cars for sale, cheap old cars for saleold junk cars for salewrecked cars for sale.

Top 5 used cars under 500

1980 Honda Prelude or 1982 Honda Prelude. It is cheap to buy as the demand is very low for this car during the auction. Someone has successfully bought it for $1. The reason why it is cheap is the car always has over hundred thousands mileage on it, but that is nothing for a Honda.

Ford Fiesta. You can look for mid 90’s or late 90’s model for less than a grand. The Fiesta was introduced in 1977 and many generations are available. There are many 1.6 liter models available for sale just less than a grand and surprisingly the mileage is low.

Mid 90’s Chevrolet Cavalier. It is just cheap to buy and reliable to use. You may still able to make a little bit money when you want to sell it off.

Citroen ZX. The production of the ZX is from 1991 to 1996. It is a good 4-door sedan small family car. Imagine $500 dollars for a car that able to bring 4 persons go out in once.

Ford Escort Styles. The biggest advantage of having this car is the fuel consumption is only 25 – 27 mpg. It is good for whoever want to save budget on gasoline.

In conclusion, teenager who just get their license, fresh graduates who just get their first job, family who are on tight budget to get a car, or if you are looking for cars with cheap car insurance, buy used cars under 500.
Honda Prelude


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