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Used cars under 1000?


Here is the list of used cars under 1000 dollars. These used cars are cheap to buy, reliable, under 1000 dollars, and good for whoever need a car with low budget. There is a lot of people think that cars under 1000 dollars are bad and it is clunkers excepta small group of smart people that see these cars as reliable car. Besides, it is good for teenager as first car because you will not have to pay much on the car and also car insurance.

Where to find used cars under 1000?

Basically there are 5 best places where you can get some real cheap cars. These places are:

Government auto auctions. One of the best and safest place to shop for cars under $1000. You can find impounded cars for sale at a real cheap price each time the government release the auction.

Bank auto auctions. Economy crisis makes a lot of people lost their job and unable to pay for their car loan. The bank would have to take back the car and put it on sale again in auction. Hence it became a good place to look for cheap used cars.

Online auction. Plenty of online car auction sites available. Most of them are 24 hours everyday. Plenty of nice and worth buy cars in the auction from just a dollar to a grand. You can join the auction by just few clicks through your mouse easily.

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Car forum. One way to get good cars is to search through some cars related forums and buy it directly from owner. Used cars under 1000 dollars are not a dime a dozen but you will still able to get it.

Used car dealer or junk yard. Take a day go to used car dealer or junk yard around your area. Bring a friends that have enough knowledge about used car will be better.

Car for less than a thousand dollars is easily to find. However there are pros and cons about these cars. Here is some of the information.

Pros of used car under 1000 dollars

  • Very cheap to buy, hey, it just a grand for a car that able to bring you to some location you want.
  • Car for a grand usually are old cars that do not have any high technology. Mostly is an engine, carburetor system, spark plug, starter, ignition system and among others that are easily to repair.
  • Nothing to lose! The most you will lose is just $1000. Let’s say you bought a $1000 dollar car and use it for 6 months and the car can’t be used anymore. You may be able to sell it as clunkers for $500. It just $500 / 6 months = $2.4 a day. What else you expect?

Cons of used car under 1000 dollars

  • Old cars comes with older technology, older technology in a car causes higher fuel consumption if you compare to new cars. For example, carburetor fuel system takes a little bit more gasoline than fuel injection system.
  • Spare parts are hardly found if you get a car that is not famous in your country or your town. This can be avoided by choosing car with lot spare parts around your town.

In conclusion, as long as you spend a little bit more time to study and look around, you can always get nice used cars under 1000.
Toyota Trueno AE86


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