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Mini Shorty

Remember the half of half Mini created by Gary Houston and the matte black scissor doors Mini Cooper appeared in Malaysia? Today we have found another interesting classic Mini known as the Mini Shorty. Look at the photo of this car, isn’t it outstanding, eye-catching, and weird? It is shorter than the ordinary short nose Mini and without any doors. However, there is an original “bean locker” on the driver’s side. To get into the car, driver and passenger have to jump in.

This Mr. Bean Mini Shorty is powered by …

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It’s Mini Mouse, Not Mickey Mouse!

Photo credit: Any McPhail
Well, it’s Mini Mouse from the Mini land, not the Mickey Mouse from the Disneyland. A mini lover, Andy McPhail from Taunton Somerset, United Kingdom has just posted a piece of art he did on a classic Mini few hours ago on Facebook. It catches our eyes and it is a MUST for us to share it to the world. The Mini does not have any extra large cool wheels or high horsepower engine but it has grey furry skin, a pair of large pink ears, a …

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Fourteen Seater Mini Moke

The legendary BMC Mini Moke is always a fun car to customize due to its unique appearance – roof-less, door-less, and small-size jeep style but impractical to go off-road. Here we spotted a fourteen-seater six-wheeled Mini Moke somewhere on earth. Pictures are provided and it doesn’t really matter where it is right?
The owner customizes the car with six 13” x 7” Minilite wheels and fourteen yellow plastic seats. The use of plastic seats is to deal with the rain water. Plastic seats are water proof and it is easy to …

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Online car customizing games

The best free online car customizing games can be found here for free. You can customize your own carand drive the car in street racing and drifting games online, it is very fun and excited to play it. There are lists of super cars, muscle cars, sports cars, fast cars, and cool cars where you can customize and play around with it. These cars include the world most expensive production car Bugatti Veyron, Peugoet, Transporter 2 Lamborghini, Koenigsegg CCR, BMW, Hummer and many more.

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Design your own car

Here’s your delicious A-list of design your own car with top 5 awesome tips to make the car look cool with your own favorite design. Any custom cars you create are special and it will definitely as attractive as any pimped out cars you see at any car show. There are basically 2 types of method to customize your own car, one is in an expensive way with high performance parts, another is cheap ways but off course have to with some private tips.

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Build your own car

You can build your own car as cool as you like virtually here before you build the real car! We provide several softwares to build cars in your own way including preferred color, car accessories, body kits, car stickers and everything related to cars. You can build the car easily by just using your mouse, it is as fun as how to draw cool cars. Try to read how to really build a nice car in a correct way and what to take note while you want to build a …