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You can build your own car as cool as you like virtually here before you build the real car! We provide several softwares to build cars in your own way including preferred color, car accessories, body kits, car stickers and everything related to cars. You can build the car easily by just using your mouse, it is as fun as how to draw cool cars. Try to read how to really build a nice car in a correct way and what to take note while you want to build a car before scroll down to reach the virtual software below.

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Step 1 – Choose the car you want to build

What kind of cars to build is always come first. Having a car in mind is what you have to do first, no matter a racer or a normal car driver that learning to drive a car. You can start with the car brand or car make you prefer such as Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mini…etc There are many car brands in this world, the most important is what kind of cars touched your heart.

Step 2 – Car body work and paint job

Car body work and paint job always come first during the building progress. Choose the paint color you would like to put on your car.

Step 3 – Car height

This has got to deal with the absorber and suspension setting. Usually cool sports cars have to build as low as it can so that it will look more cool, but it still depends on your preference as some people like taller cars.

Step 4 – Car wheels

One of the most attractive parts from a car is the wheels. One of the reasons that most of the pimped out cars, tricked out cars, and some other attractive exotic sports cars so attractive is because of the big-cool-shining wheels. Type and size of the wheel play an important part in modifying or building a nice looking car.

Step 5 – Car body kit

Here comes the body kit. Take a Nissan 180SX for example, some cars will look sporty with some after market body kit if you place it to your car correctly. On the other hand, these cars will look like an ordinary car when the body kit off from the car.

Step 6 – Spoiler and body parts

This step is pretty much subjective, some people prefer spoiler while some not. Some cars lover prefer special color for the signals and headlamp while others not. Build your own car is really as fun as the step by step drawing cars. (See also how to upholster car seats)

Step 7 – Brake Calipers

This is yet another option to modify, the calipers colors. Red, Gold, Green, Blue… any colors can be modified to it as long as it match the car body color you build in step 1. Do not find any color that not match and bring negative effect to the whole look. Good taste must be there!

Step 8 – Decals and window tint

Well, decals, car stickers, air brush, window tint is things that always come at the last step. Again, it still up to your own preferences.

Let’s Begin!

What to take note when you want to build your own car

1. How much does my car weigh

2. How much per mile does it cost to drive a car

In a nut shell, you will understand why people love cars if you ever enjoy a full progress from step 1 to last step to build your own car.


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