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Here’s your delicious A-list of design your own car with top 5 awesome tips to make the car look cool with your own favorite design. Any custom cars you create are special and it will definitely as attractive as any pimped out cars you see at any car show. There are basically 2 types of method to customize your own car, one is in an expensive way with high performance parts, another is cheap ways but off course have to with some private tips.

Obviously no cars in the market with your own design, so this is something fun to do especially for those who love cars very much (see why people love cars). Try to check out some of these related information right before we start our interesting journey to get a custom design car.

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Tips to design your own car

What is the reason that people want to have their own design to the car? Some people just don’t like the way the original look of a car that freshly out from a factory, it may not look as fierce as they want or as cool as they prefer. And off course, they want to look cool to pick up some hot car girls.

Painting and car body design

A good paint will catch other’s attention, whether it is Solid, Metallic or Pearl paint. You can also virtually choose the color you prefer using the program we shared below. On the other hand, a nice customized air brush or car stickers such as Volcom car stickerswill also make it look extraordinary. With these design, you will recognize your car in

Car Wheels

This is the major part that will cost a little bit more as cool wheels aren’t cheap. In U.S, there is a famous show “Pimped My Ride” where they can really create lot of cool tricked out cars.

Car Body Kit

Well, there are some shop can customize a full set of body according to the design you give to them. This will also make your car look unique with one and only body that fitted to your car.

Car Height

The height of a car can be adjusted by altering the suspension if your car has already come with adjustable suspension.


A nice carbon fiber or custom made spoiler will also bring an exclusive design to your own car. Make sure do not make any oversize spoiler that bigger than the car and make it look ugly!

Where can I virtually customize my car?

Before you start your project involve with actual cost, you can click at this link build your own car to customize or virtually design your own car.
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