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Mini Shorty


Remember the half of half Mini created by Gary Houston and the matte black scissor doors Mini Cooper appeared in Malaysia? Today we have found another interesting classic Mini known as the Mini Shorty. Look at the photo of this car, isn’t it outstanding, eye-catching, and weird? It is shorter than the ordinary short nose Mini and without any doors. However, there is an original “bean locker” on the driver’s side. To get into the car, driver and passenger have to jump in.


This Mr. Bean Mini Shorty is powered by a very powerful 1275cc engine with “kick shit” selector (Kick shit is how it is advertised in carandclassic.co.uk). The UK registration of this car is D 319 RLV. By looking at this car, almost all the Mini fans know this is an interesting car and it is also a funny toy to drive around. Although it is not recommend driving over 100 km/h, the 1275cc under the hood is capable of bringing this car up to a top speed of approximately 170 km/h.


For those who are living in France, you might have seen this car as it has been used in France for commercial events and convention.


The chassis of this Mini was built in 1986. It has been chopped and rebuilt to the Mini Shorty in the town of Quincy Voisins. For those who are interested to own this cute toy, you may want to contact the owner before it is too late. The asking price is £2400 with free delivery to Calais, France.


As you can see from the photos, this Mini car is one of its kinds. The owner uses British flag designed side mirror, 12 inches Minilite wheel with tartan designed interior. The rest of it is quite standard with three clock center binnacle.


Oh yeah, £2400 for a Mini without doors, roof, main windscreen, rear windows, and both side windows. Are you afraid of it?


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