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66 Mini bonnet badges

This is a combination of 66 Mini bonnet badges. All of them are fitted to different red Mini bonnets. From the oldest Austin bonnet badge to the latest Cooper Sport badge, almost all the Mini bonnet badges from 1959 until 2000 are here including the Austin Cooper MK1 badge, MINI badge, Austin Mini MK1 badge, Morris Mini MK1 badge, Morris Cooper MK1 badge, Austin Cooper MK2 badge, Austin Cooper S MK2 badge, Morris Cooper S MK2 badge, Mini Leyland badge, Austin Cooper S MK3 badge, The Italian Job badge, Mini …

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Morris Mini Cooper S 1275 MKI

This is a Morris Mini Cooper S MKI with 1275s engine from Japan. The photo is shared from ALEC Classic MINI. MKI Morris Mini Cooper S was built from 1964 to 1967. The Original price during that time was £778. Hydrolastic suspension were added to the car from 1964 and the dashboard comes with a 130mph central speedometer as the car is able to go faster. Today, more than half of these cars have been killed and sold as junk. Some of them have been dissected and their parts are sold …


A Unique Velvet MINI Cooper

Photo from Marina Martin/Facebook
This is a unique velvet MINI Cooper from FEDERCLUB MINI ITALIA. Its military camouflage patterns definitely reduce the risk of being recognized by enemy during WAR. Do you like it? Here is another look.


Mini Cooper Car Care

Mini Cooper car care including the correct method to wash the car, dry up the car, clean the car, the best wax to use on a Mini Cooper car, the correct way for detailing, best way to store the car, as well as the best way to keep every single car parts clean and stay shining and look new at all time. A little mistake or misuse of any wrong cleaning product will spoilt any cars, therefore be careful when you want to care your car.


Mini Cooper Clubman

The story of MINI Cooper Clubman could not be finished in an article so we have summarized all you need to know about the Cooper Clubman. The performance of this car, maintenance, selling price, fuel consumption, and the value of this car is show here for your further understanding before you decide to buy this car.

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Who makes the Mini Cooper

Who makes the Mini Cooper? Here we tell you the answer of who design the Mini car, who manufacture the Mini, and who creates and make the Mini Cooper. The interesting Mini story started from 1959 when Sir Alec Issigonis designed and launched the first Mini car. In 1957, two years before the first Mini was launched, Britain was in the middle of oil crisis and demand for fuel efficient small-car is very high. At the time, president of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) Leonard Lord has decided to build …