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Mini Cooper car care including the correct method to wash the car, dry up the car, clean the car, the best wax to use on a Mini Cooper car, the correct way for detailing, best way to store the car, as well as the best way to keep every single car parts clean and stay shining and look new at all time. A little mistake or misuse of any wrong cleaning product will spoilt any cars, therefore be careful when you want to care your car.

Wash the car

If you have your own car wash equipment at your house, you can definitely do the washing yourself. If you do not have it, you can wash it at some any car wash near to your house. Usually you can find In Bay Automatic car wash, Tunnel car wash, or self service car wash. However, make sure the material you use to wash the car is 100% clean and leave no sands or hard material that will scratch the car body and paint.

Dry up a car

Drying up the car is an important step for any cars or Mini Cooper. Car wash shop usually will provide blower to dry up the car, however, general machine is hardly making the car fully dry. A good manual way is to drive the car around and let it dry up itself inside out, and uses a good rag to clean it.

Wax the car

Give the car a good wax is one of the major steps in Mini Cooper car care. Polish and wax is to prevent the car paint getting old and keep shining at all time. Use a good MF sponge and branded wax like Meguiar’s. Make sure the sponge has no dirt or any sands when u does the polishing. For plastic surface or dashboard, you will need to polish too!

Car Care Tips

To keep a car well, you will need to learn the car maintenance other than just caring the outlook. You will at least need to change the engine oil and make sure the oil level is enough at all time. You can simply download and check the basic car maintenance schedule although you are car dummy.

Last but not least, storing the car is very important to keep the car at its best condition. Cars always stay under sun or full of snow will not live long in this world. Cars stay in a good garage will definitely live the life longer in this world. Mini Cooper car care is something easy, you will just have to do it. Knowing is not enough, you must apply.


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