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Mr Bean’s Mini for sale

Mr Bean’s Mini for sale, a very special carand just unique for Mini Cooper and Mr. Bean. It is the 2009 Goodwood Revival “Mr Bean Mini”.

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Austin Mini Cooper

Here is the complete anthology and full collection of every single piece of detail information, history, and pictures for Austin Mini Cooper since 1959. This page will explain MAINLY the Mini Cooper from 1961 to 1969 together with the detail parts, model year, and how it looks like. This is to keep all mini cars lover confuse about the common Mini with the Mini Cooper. We provide Austin and Morris Mini Cooper as well as Austin and Morris Cooper S information in order to helps Mini lovers disambiguate the Cooper …

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Haynes manuals for Mini

Malaysia Mini Lover have updated the website from time to time with all the Mini Cooper information here so you can have a better surfing experience and better reading about Mini Cooper before you make your purchase. There are 2 things you can do here to get more information about Mini.

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Mini Article and News

Mini Cooper are what Mini Lovers want to get after hunting for all the cars that available nowadays. There are several models available nowadays from the Classic Mini Cooper to the New BMW Mini Cooper. Some Mini Lovers go for the model or the “taste” they like regardless of which models are better, which are more powerful, or which model is more cool.

The old saying “beauty is in the eyes of the lover” best describes what I have just said. It just like Mr Bean go for the classic MK3 …

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Mini in Malaysia at 50

KEEPING things simple does wonders almost all the time. Living proof of this concept of simplicity is found in the iconic British automotive brand, the Mini, which many describe as an automotive wonder of the world.


Mini Cooper Owner’s Manual

It is a must for Mini Cooper owners to own the owner’s manual. A brand new Mini Cooper will come with a complete owner’s manual. However, 80% of people often lost the manual. This page gathered Mini Cooper Owner’s Manual from year 2001 until present for Mini Cooper Hardtop, Cooper S, Cooper Clubman, Cooper Coupe, Roadster, and Countryman. The download link here will be updated from time to time, if something you need is not here, please contact us or do check back this page.
2002 Mini Cooper Owner’s Manual
This manual is …