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Here is the complete anthology and full collection of every single piece of detail information, history, and pictures for Austin Mini Cooper since 1959. This page will explain MAINLY the Mini Cooper from 1961 to 1969 together with the detail parts, model year, and how it looks like. This is to keep all mini cars lover confuse about the common Mini with the Mini Cooper. We provide Austin and Morris Mini Cooper as well as Austin and Morris Cooper S information in order to helps Mini lovers disambiguate the Cooper and the normal Mini as they all just look the same from MK1 to MK7.

Austin Mini Cooper

Where the Mini Cooper come from? The Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and first launched by BMC in 1959. The first Mini was introduced as Austin Seven Mini. Two years later in 1961, Issigonis’ good friend saw the potential of the Austin Mini becoming rally cars for competition, he proposed to Issigonis to create a high performance Mini. Initially Issigonis reluctant to make the Mini a performance car as he wanted to keep it an economical car. However, his friend appealed to BMC management and that’s where two of them started to collaborate and create the Mini Cooper which first unveiled in 1961. Issigonis’ friend had made a big changed to Mini’s life, and this friend is the well known John Cooper.

Mini Cooper between 1961 to 1967

In 1961, the first MK1 generation Mini Cooper debuted as Austin seven Cooper, Austin Mini Cooper, and Morris Mini Cooper. The Austin and Morris Mini Cooper both cars eventually were the same model but each of them carry their own badge and decals. Both Morris and Austin are under BMC. The production of MK1 Cooper ends in 1967.

  • Badges, Stickers: Austin Cooper/Morris Cooper decals
  • Body and color: External door hinge, sliding window, contrasting roof colour
  • Brakes: Front disc brakes
  • Gear: fitted with close ratio gearbox
  • Grilles, Brightwork: Austin version had 11 grille slats while Morris version had 7 grille slats
  • Engine: 997cc, 55 bhp. The 997 cc engine was replaced by a shorter stroke 998 cc in 1964. Therefore, Austin and Morris Mini Cooper from 1961 to 1964 is running 997cc engine and 1964 to 1967 is running 998 cc engine. This makes the 997 cc Mini Cooper very less in the market today.
  • Fuel system: Twin SU carburettors
  • Original price: £679

1962 Austin Mini Cooper MK1

Mini Cooper between 1967 to 1969

Here comes the MK2 generation. The Cooper continues its production from 1967 to 1969. The slipper-look rear lights have been changed to rectangular type, a larger rear windscreen, and both Austin and Morris Cooper received new grille style as standard.
1969 Austin Mini Cooper 998 MK II

Mini Cooper S

The Cooper S appears in between 1963 and 1964. Cooper S is a more powerful and sportier version featuring a 1071 cc engine, larger servo-assisted disc brakes, Cooper S badges and 120 mph central speedometer. There were ONLY 4,030 Cooper S were produced and sold until August 1964, this makes the ‘S’ more valuable to collect.

Later on from 1964 to 1965, Cooper introduced Austin Mini Cooper S and Morris Mini Cooper S fitted with 970cc engine for circuit racing in the under 1000cc. In between 1964 to 1967, Cooper also introduced the most powerful version of Austin and Morris Cooper S which carrying the best 1275cc engine specifically for circuit racing in the under 1300cc. This is the best version among all Cooper S, it featured 130mph central speedometer, single colour, and 4 ½ rims as standard. The Cooper S version featured twin fuel tanks as standard from 1966.

Mini Cooper S between 1967 to 1971

The MKII/MK2 Cooper S comes between 1967 and 1971. All Cooper S in this generation comes with twin fuel tanks and 4 ½ rims as standard.
1965 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 MKI

Victory of Mini Cooper S in Monte Carlo Rally

Despite only having 78 hp, the Minis achieve the victory.

Year Driver Co-Driver Result
1962 Pat Moss Ann Wisdom Ladies’ Award
1963 Rauno Aaltonen Tony Ambrose 3rd Place
1964 Paddy Hopkirk Henry Liddon Winner
Timo Mäkinen Patrick Vanson 4th Place
1965 Timo Mäkinen Paul Easter Winner
1966 Timo Mäkinen Paul Easter (disqualified)
Rauno Aaltonen Tony Ambrose (disqualified)
Paddy Hopkirk Henry Liddon (disqualified)
1967 Rauno Aaltonen Henry Liddon Winner
1968 Rauno Aaltonen Henry Liddon 3rd Place
Tony Fall Mike Wood 4th Place
Paddy Hopkirk Ron Crellin 5th Place

Austin Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo

Total sales of Mini Cooper

In the end, a total number of 5,387,862 Minis were sold, making it by far the most popular British car ever made. The table here shows the total number of Cooper and Cooper S were sold among all Mini sold since 1959 to 2000.

Model Engine Quantity Sold
MK I Cooper 997cc or 998cc 64,000
MK I Cooper S 970cc, 1071cc, or 1275cc 19,000
MK II Cooper 998cc 16,000
MK II Cooper S 1275cc 6,300
MK III Cooper No MK III Cooper were ever produced
MK III Cooper S 1275cc 1,570


Mini Cooper production dates and chassis numbers

This table gives a little guide to help when buying an original Austin Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S. There is no wrong buying a replica Cooper but do not pay the Cooper price for a modified Mini, pay the Cooper price for a genuine Cooper.

Cooper production dates and chassis numbers
Austin MKI
July 1961 to Nov 1963
CA2S7 138301-489222
Morris MKI
July 1961 to Nov 1963
KA2S4 138311-487907
Austin MKI
Jan 1964 to Oct 1967
CA2S7 502447-1064385
Morris MKI
Jan 1964 to Oct 1967
KA2S4 502482-1064385
Austin MKII
Oct 1967 to Nov Nov 1969

CA2SB 1068151 -1370956

Morris MKII
Oct 1967 to Nov Nov 1969
KA2S6 1069051-1365476
Austin MKI
Apr 1963 to Aug 1964
CA2S7 384101-563570
Morris MKI
Apr 1963 to Aug 1964
KA2S4 384601-563500
Austin MKI
Mar 1964 to Oct 1967
CA2S7 551501-1066319
Morris MKI
Mar 1964 to Oct 1967
KA2S4 552501-1066320
Austin MKII
Oct 1969 to Mar 1970
CA2SB 1068451-1375331
Morris MKII
Oct 1969 to Mar 1970
KA2S6 1068471-1375346
Mar 1970 to Jun 1971
XAD 134127-1458987
Austin MKI
Jun 1964 to Apr 1965
CA2S7 549501-549992
Morris MKI
Jun 1964 to Apr 1965
KA2S4 550501-550980

There is total number of 7 generations in classic Mini,

Mini Mark 1 – MK1/MKI
Mini Mark 2 – MK2/MKII
Mini Mark 3 – MK3/MKIII
Mini Mark 4 – MK4/MKIV
Mini Mark 5 – MK5/MKV
Mini Mark 6 – MK6/MKVI
Mini Mark 7 – MK7/MKVII

On November 1969, BMC announced the names of Austin and Morris were dropped from the Mini. All the cars from there onwards are known as “Mini”, “Mini Cooper”, and “Mini Cooper S”. This had given an end to the name Morris Mini Cooper and Austin Mini Cooper.
Austin Mini Cooper


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