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Who says Ferrari must be in red color?

Who says Ferrari must be in Red color? Here is one black Ferrari F430 Spider in black that will 100% make all the viewers’ saliva leak out from the lung to the mouth and to the pants. This amazing Ferrari F430 Spider is one of the projects from Anderson Germany, a company who specialized in all the top-class custom tuning of high end cars, exotic cars, and luxury cars. Need no further introduction to this company, look at this Ferrari and be prepared tissue to wipe off all the saliva.

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Car stereos color codes for Ford

This page is about car stereos color codes for Ford cars from A to Z. The list here will be updated from time to time so that it will be a complete car stereos color codes list for all Ford cars. Please email us if you have detail and accurate information for certain Ford models as well as the color codes.

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Color Codes for Car Stereos

Here is the compilation of all color codes for car stereos for all kind of cars including Ford, Dodge Mercury, GMC, Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Fiat, Suzuki, and among others. Different types of car stereo brand were used in different kind of cars like Pioneer, Kenwood, or HVC. Some wire colors may be different than colors describe here. It is depends on the car brand and model year. Therefore please check properly the car model before starting any job.

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Muscle cars coloring pages

You can find a list of nice muscle cars coloring pages here. You can download it for free and print these coloring pages out for any kids to color it. Girls love dolls and boys love cars. Download some of these cool muscle cars for your kids are better than many gifts in the world. On the other hand, you can also spend a lot of quality time with you kids while he coloring the muscle cars pages. See also car drawings.