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Collector Car Values

Collector car values often are the hardest to estimate in the automobile market today although there are many reliable car value guides like NADA or Kelly Blue Book. Most of the guides can only tell the standard or rough car values base on the year, make, and model. The condition of the car, the number of production, and the originality of the car are three other things need to put into consideration when one search for collector cars.

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Wood Model Car

There are thousands of wood model car, wood cars, wooden cars, and pinewood derby cars have been build and sold across the world. Some wood cars are built in a very detail way with high quality wood and high workmanship but some are factory made and sold with very cheap price. Some wooden cars manufacturer made real car models like Chevrolet Corvette or Ford Mustang into wooden car for collectors to collect it. In case you love this car and do not have much budget, collect wood model car is …

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MG sports cars page 2

In mid 30’s until today, there are still many great MG sports cars were built. Among these nice sports cars are the MG TF, Midget, MGA, MGB, MGB GT V8, and among others. This is page 2, for page 1, please click MG sports cars page 1.

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MG sports cars

Here is your delicious full list of MG sports cars with pictures since the first model of MG sports cars unveiled in 1924. MG Cars Company founded in 1942 and it is a former British sports car manufacturer that built a lot of nice sports cars. Most of the British car lovers will fall in love with MG cars because of the appearance, the technical features, the speed, power, and the comfort of the car.