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Brake caliper piston tool

Here are the top 3 most famous brake caliper piston tool that cost less than $50 dollars. The jobs to service brake caliper, brake piston, replace brake pads, brake shoe, or rotors could never been easier with the help of the correct tools. There are many types of brake tool set available in the market and it is recommended to choose one that are best suitable for most cars and trucks. Check it out!

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Chevy rear brake repair diagram

Here you can find a useful Chevy rear brake repair diagram for both rear disc brake repair diagram and rear drum brake repair diagram. If you own a Chevy and each time you try to slow down the car, stop the car, or pull the e-brake when you park the car but the rear brakes seems not working, then it is time to check out the brake according to the diagram.

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Brake tool set

Confucius once said “Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job”. A complete brake tool set is what you need if you want to perform brake bleeding, replace brake pad, service the brake, or adjust the brake on any kind of cars. General brake tool set available in the market are able to perform most of these tasks although there might be some special cars require special tools.

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Chrysler brake recall

Chrysler brake recall from Chrysler Group LCC during January 2010. A total number of 24,177 Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler brake were affected in this recall. The main objective of this recall is to fix the defective brake systems in these cars that may cause brake failure. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the defective part may cause sudden brake failure which is dangerous.

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Diagnose a car problem online

Diagnose a car problem online can definitely help you to save time and money. Car engine won’t start is a common issue for professional, but for a car dummy it isn’t an easy way to find out. A-Z list is provided here to diagnose most of the common car problem. It helps people who know nothing about cars to save time and cost. Save time in terms of direct identify the main car problem, save money in terms of replace the destroyed parts directly and not the part that doesn’t …