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Brake caliper piston tool


Here are the top 3 most famous brake caliper piston tool that cost less than $50 dollars. The jobs to service brake caliper, brake piston, replace brake pads, brake shoe, or rotors could never been easier with the help of the correct tools. There are many types of brake tool set available in the market and it is recommended to choose one that are best suitable for most cars and trucks. Check it out!

These are some of the useful tools that will help you out to service your brakes and give a better performance.
Brake caliper piston tool

Astro Pneumatic 7860 11-Piece Brake caliper tool

Again we will have to put Astro Pneumatic in our list because it has a good response from most of the consumers. The 7860 designed to use with Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Audi, and others four-wheel drive cars like Land Rover. It comes with a 8 pieces of magnetic socket adapter for brake assemblies. It helps to rotate pistons back into caliper to provide space for new brake pads. This tool really make the task to replace new brake pads very easy.

KD rear brake caliper piston tool set KD 41540

The KDT 41540 rear brake caliper tool kit is designed for all kinds of vehicle with brake pistons that are mechanically tied to the e-brake and require a turning action to push the pistons back in. It also works for cars that have emergency brake built into the rear calipers. This set of tools costs $50 dollars and comes with an applicator and pad and 9 pieces of magnetic adapters.

Air caliper wind back brake piston pad compressor tool

It is good for mechanic or people who love to have more tools at home. It costs $109.00 and comes with one air pressure body and 15 pieces of adapter as one set. It is best to use to change the brake piston and it fits any kind of cars as one of the best brake caliper piston tool.


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