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Buy car with cash vs. Buy car with auto loan

Here is another article for buy car with cash vs. buy car with auto loan. Previously, we have discussed which one is better in many kind of scenario. Here is one where we compare if you buy a car with cash and buy a car with auto loan and use the cash to pay off the auto loan. This scenario is unlike all previous cases, where you keep the money in the same place but you have to pay the monthly car payment from other source of income.

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Audi Concept Cars

Let’s see some of the most amazing and craziest Audi concept cars here from auto show around the world. Whether it is the famous Frankfurt Motor Show or Tokyo Motor Show or American International Auto Show, here you can completely find a list of cool Audi concept cars from head to toe. See also: world’s first concept car.

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Top 10 cars at Geneva Auto Show 2011

Here are the top 10 cars at Geneva Auto Show 2011. Technology keep moves on, the air of 2011 Geneva Auto Show was full with electric cars, concept cars, and off course with some of the cool cars. We only see few gasoline-powered cars in the top 10 list because what the world need is eco-friendly cars, green technology, as well as environment friendly cars.

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Audi S4 extended auto warranty

The Audi extended auto warranty is something not uncommon when you purchase any new or used Audi S4. Sales persons will usually approach you to buy the extended auto warranty for your Audi cars. The question “Do I need it? If yes what parts that need warranty?” must be in your mind to avoid spending few thousand dollars for something that is not worth.
An extended auto warranty or extended car warranty served as and agreement between the Audi owner and Warranty Company. The Warranty Company can be the manufacturers if …

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Refinance car loan

Here is refinance car loan information with tips on how to lower your monthly car loan payments and 5 things to consider before refinance your car loan. There are a lot of people paying high APR car loan every month. One of the most common reason lenders give high APR is bad credit car loansbut you can actually apply for lower rate and pay your less monthly payment. Anyone can refinance the car loan at anytime if you feel the APR rate is too high.

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Here is your delicious A-list of CARQUEST auto parts with more than 3000 auto parts stores information available online here and ready to supply to anywhere in the world. According to National Highway Traffic Safety, an average of 13,000 Americans is killed in car accidents during public holiday, Memorial Day weekend, and some long holiday in America. Some of these car accidents are result from unperformed vehicle maintenance, failure of some car parts that has been worn out, as well as damaged tires.