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Canada GM stop car leasing

Years ago in 2008, Canada GM stop car leasing or in other words, Canada GM will no longer offer any car leases though its GMAC financial services which previously offer many good deals for car leasing. On the other hand, dealers in North Canada report that Canada Chrysler gives them the new lease rates that are too high to be practicable although Chrysler LLC did not officially stop car leasing inCanada. However, it has indirectly cut out car leasing deals with the impractical lease rate.

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GM Cars

If a bird shit from the sky it will drop to a GM car. Although you may not agree with what I said, you have to admit GM cars contributed something very good in automobile world.
GM (General Motor Company), being the largest automobile manufacturer in the United States and world’s second largest automaker, is one of the superstars in automobile world that you could never overlook when buying a new car. GM cars are now one of the biggest competitors to Toyota cars.
General Motor Company was founded and established in …

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GM shuts down Saturn

Will GM shuts down Saturn by October 2010? (Updated Nov 2011, Yes it has been shut down) GM is expected to shut down Saturn after the withdrawal of a bid by Penske Automobile to acquire Saturn in September 2009. The shut down will bring the end of a great car brand that built a lot of small compact cars and sold in U.S. popularly.

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GM engine identification numbers

Here we teach you how to read GM engine identification numbers, VIN numbers, and GM engine block casting number on all kind of GM cars. This information is useful to identify the manufactured year of an engine, where it was manufactured, product ID of an engine, as well as the engine capacity.

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GM vehicle recalls

Here is the list of updated GM vehicle recalls since 2010 until present from time to time. GM recalls their vehicle several times in the past year and 2010. For all GM cars owner must be aware of all the recalls from time to time to avoid any incident happen. Do check properly your model year with GM to see if the car is affected by these recalls.