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Canada GM stop car leasing


Years ago in 2008, Canada GM stop car leasing or in other words, Canada GM will no longer offer any car leases though its GMAC financial services which previously offer many good deals for car leasing. On the other hand, dealers in North Canada report that Canada Chrysler gives them the new lease rates that are too high to be practicable although Chrysler LLC did not officially stop car leasing inCanada. However, it has indirectly cut out car leasing deals with the impractical lease rate.

Car leasing is indeed more popular than new car sales in the States. Therefore, the car market gets affected when GM in Canada decided to stop all the car leasing services and Chrysler LLC offer high rate for car leasing. However, GM and Chrysler offer a long-term finance deals with 0% interest for new car purchase. This is considered as one great effort from both car makers to continue let the public to own cars but with low monthly car payment.

Today, there are many private car leasing companies offer long term and short term car leasing in Canada with extremely low monthly car payment, some are private car companies while some are car dealers. If you are new to car leasing, there are some advices you need to take before taking one. See some advice about car leasing here: problems with leasing a car, leasing versus buying a car, and car leasing questions.


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