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Wood Model Car

There are thousands of wood model car, wood cars, wooden cars, and pinewood derby cars have been build and sold across the world. Some wood cars are built in a very detail way with high quality wood and high workmanship but some are factory made and sold with very cheap price. Some wooden cars manufacturer made real car models like Chevrolet Corvette or Ford Mustang into wooden car for collectors to collect it. In case you love this car and do not have much budget, collect wood model car is …

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What kind of car does tiger woods drive?

What kind of car does tiger woods drive? Or you should ask what kind of cars that Tiger wood owns? You must have always think that a world golf champion driving what kind of car. Is it a super exotic sports cars? Does he own a muscle car? Tiger Woods is the most successful golfers of all time and it brings a lot of automobile company sponsor him a lot of cars and he has been invited to become their spokesman.

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Pinewood derby cars

The best information about pinewood derby cars is collected here! It shows the fastest pinewood derby cars and some tips helps to build a faster pinewood cars. The famous “Pinewood Derby” it is a racing event held in the Boy Scouts of America. All the race cars are build from wood and contain a pine block, plastic wheels and metal axles. These car even can become a pimped out cars, aren’t it is wonderful?